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    Contract phone to prepay


      Can I use my old contract phone to set up a prepay account for my daughter?

      Thanks for any help/suggestions.

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          It depends on what make and model it is.

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            Here are some phones that can be used as pre paid.  


            PREPAID PHONES-- KIYOCERA --KWC 2325, KX414 -- MOTOROLA -- MotoW755, RazrV3m, V376, W385 -- PANTECH -- Jest -- Verizon -- Blitz, CDM7075, CDM8615, DM7076, PN215 --

            LG 6015i-- Accolade, Chocolate, Cosmo, VX3200, VX3450, VX5200, VX 5400, VX5500, VX6100, VX7000, ENV --SAMSUNG--Alias SCHu740, Gusto, Haven , Intensity, Juke, SCHA650, SCHA870, SCHU340, CHU410, SCHU430, SCHU540, Smooth --NOKIA -- 2128i, 2366i, 2650 Mirage, 2705 Shade

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              Yes as long as it doesn't have extreme features such as internet ready, push to talk, and stuff like that. If you doubt it just call up the prepaid 1 800 number and give them the make and model of the phone which is located under your battery. They will tell you if its compatible or not. Hopefully this helped!