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    Switching Carriers


      Just a caution... when swapping carriers like I did, make sure if you have any other lines on your old carrier that are not ported over to close those accounts with the old carrier....  I made the mistake that when Verizon tells me they're going to close my account with my old carrier my whole account would be closed... not the case if some numbers are not ported over... Verizon should've been clear on that to tell their customers.... telling me closing my account means my whole account is closed... not the case..


      thanks Verizon!!

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          I would think it would be your responsibility, not Verizon's. to ensure that all lines are terminated. If you are only porting SOME of the lines, how does Verizon know there are others?

          When you port, Verizon sends a request to the other carrier for the lines (numbers) you are porting...and those lines get terminated at the other carrier. Verizon has no authority to cancel or otherwise do anything with numbers you are NOT porting.
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            Yep know that now.  Sorry but when they said they would close my account, that means close my account not partially close it... They didn't tell me that the numbers not ported I need to close with my old carrier...