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    help to access downloaded ringtones


      I need help with my new Droid.  I accessed the Vcast ringtones and downloaded the one I want.  It tells me to go to my music inbox to find it, but I can't find my music inbox.  Each time I go to Sound - ringtones - the same 5 original ringtones that came from the factory are the onliy ones there.  Can anyone help me?

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          Click on the App button on the main screen. Scroll down to Music, and click. Check there.


          Normally what I do with ringtones is once I download one,  I bring up the contact I want to attach the ringtone to, click on Assign ringtone and I am given an option to go to the music folder. That ringtone along with all my others are already there to attach it to a contact.

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            Thank you, I went to the contact list and that's where I realized that the menu that came up with ringtones appeared from the bottum up, so that's why I wasn't able to scroll to see the other ringtones.  Once I saw that, I went to music and was able to scroll to find it.  Thanks!!

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              I am unable to save the attached ringtone I just purchased (it was sent to me via a text message attachment).  Any tips?  It just says, "unable to save attachment".  Is this a problem with not having access to the phone or SD card for some reason?  Both are empty as it is a new (but reburbished) phone.  I did verify the storage capacity though and found it empty.

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                This just happened to me too. Ordered ringtones online at Verizon website with no mention of needing to use VCAST Tones and no inkling that these wouldn't work on my htc incredible. Now I'm out the cost of five ringtones and very disgruntled. Improve your communication process, Verizon! Sheesh.

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                  I also have the DROID Incredible and downloaded a few ringtones that I cannot use.  If I'm logged into my account ONLINE and it shows my phone on the left hand side, how does Verizon NOT tell you a ringtone is not compatible?  I have been with Verizon for 10+ years and never have I been frustrated by them.  Get your act together Verizon!