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    switching droid sim cards


      just got a droid 2 and plan on getting a droid x.



      if the person with the droid 2 wanted the droid x and vise versa, coud we just switch the sim cards?


      what information is all on the sim card?


      thank you.

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          Those phone do not have a SIM CARD, they have SD memory cards. GSM phones have SIM Cards... ie ATT and T-Mobile.  (And a couple global phones that Verizon sells)


          The memory cards hold things you place there, pix, ringtones, music and such.

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            yeah i realized that after i posted the question. lol, thanks.

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              You should be able to swap the cards freely without any MAJOR problems, tho the phone, and some apps, does store some minimal operational stuff on there. But it won't change anything about the phone itself. Oh, and I was going to make a smart-*** comment about the sim card too, but somebody beat me to it, lol.
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                SIM cards hold vital information about your phone. It holds your phone number, contract number, etc. There are several Verizon phones which need SIM cards to operate, such as the LG Spectrum. Without it, the phone will not function. The Droid X does not use the SIM. The Droid 2 Global does use the SIM which makes it useable overseas.