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    Mobile hotspot turns off


      I turn on mobile hotspot, use for 2 to 10 minutes, and it turns off. I must reboot phone to reconnect and then it does it again.

      Using Droid X 2.1 firmware, paying $20/month for hotspot, using official verizon hotspot.


      Any reason or solution?

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          Do you have any other wireless connections available at the time you are trying to use mobile hotspot?  Also is the connection at anytime inactive for a period of 10 minutes or longer.  I would recommend you try dialing *228 send and option 2 to update your phone to the nearest cell tower.  Verify that you are getting a 3G signal.  After you have done so, power the device off and back; then try accessing the mobile hotspot connection. The steps are below.  Hope this helps!


          From any home screen, open the Applications Tray

          Touch 3G Mobile Hotspot to launch  


          After creating a 3G Mobile Hotspot, prompt the other devices to refresh and search for a new Wi-Fi connection (your device).


          An option will appear for the DROID X (default name might be Motorola Phone) and the devices will be able to find and connect to your Hotspot.

          DROID X will show connected devices on screen.

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            I am having this problem as well as other users on other Droid X forums
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              I found that after I establish a connection and after the droid x screen goes dark, if I leave the droid alone and not make the screen light up again by pushing a button or something, I got over an hour of connectivity before it lost the connection.


              Also, I've yet to receive a phone call while using mobile hotspot. What effect will that have on the connection? If it is adverse, is there a way to turn off the phone (voice) off while using hotspot?


              I'm happy with the over an hour I got and "accept as solution" your earlier response.



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                Hi Natavia. I Have tried your instructions several times and continue to drop my connection after just a few minutes. I have had to reconnect several times to create this message.

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                  I have listed some information below that may help with the Hotspot issue you are experiencing.

                  Step. 1 - Ensure WiFi is disabled. (instruction below)


                  Step. 2 - Try switching the hotspot channel (Step 6 in the article under channel)
                  ***To access settings, 3G Mobile Hotspot must be disabled (Off).


                  Step. 3 - Try changing the encryption
                  http://search.vzw.com/?do=viewdoc&id=33761 (Step 6 in the article under security)


                  Step. 4 - Try relocating the device. (Something in the immediate location could be affecting the service received)


                  Step. 5 - Soft reset (power off the device, pull the battery out for 20 seconds and place it back in)
                  I hope this helps.

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                    Hi Moates. I used my Droid X within my camper the weekend (2 wks ago) after I got the phone and only had to reconnect after long pauses over 3 days. Nothing has changed at the camper. I was sitting in the same spot this past weekend when it would not stay connected. The WiFi is off, disabled. I will try your other suggestions next weekend when I return to the camper. I did not remove the battery this past weekend, only powered off , waited, powered on.

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                      How is the hotspot quality? Is it the same as a wireless card but with the MB limit?


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                        The hotspot quality is excellent when it stays connected. I have Roadrunner at home and I could not see a speed difference

                        in page swaps when I had the hotspot connected at my camper in a campground.