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    best apps?


      are there any must have apps for a droid phone? I want to receive my e mail, but for some reason, my e mail app on my fascinate will not sync with it.

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          my favorites are:




          aloqa (LOVE this one)



          tunein radio


          these are the 6 i use most often

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            My favorites are

            Angry birds
            Sky droid, it is a gps for golf courses
            News apps
            Googles navigation
            Dolphins app
            and swype.

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              • aTrackdog= Uninstall apps & also you can see the top 100 most popular apps in the market
              • Basketball shot= Fun fun basketball game. You just shoot basketballs into a net while being timed
              • Labyrinth 3D= It's a 3d board game with a marble. You have to avoid the holes & make it to the end spot
              • Carrom3D= Another game,but it's a pool game. You can play with your friends, by yourself or other android users
              • Where's My Droid= If you put your phone on silent & need to find it, you can just text your phone with the secret word.It'll ring with this app!
              • SMS Backup= Saves your text messages to your sd card
              • 1001 cocktails= Alcoholic drink recepies available
              • HI AIM= I like this app because it uses data as instant messaging instead of it counting towards your text messages
              • HandcentSMS= The most popular messaging app. It has more feautes to offer (change front,change color,change buble color...etc)
              • Ringdroid= Create ringtones. Either record ringtones or make ringtones out of the songs in your phone
              • Ringo Lite= Apply ringtones to text messages or calling ringtones (can be applied to contacts too)
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                Thanks, I'll have to check some of those out. The fascinate comes s with swype, and after having my omnia 2, it was a must.
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                  I am new to Swype, although I've been part of the bata tests that went out some time ago. We are on 2.3 bata. I like it so far.
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                    You should try a phone with swype fully integrated, it's really nice, but it is never your only option. it also has voice to text, and conventional typing is always an option, with 2 keyboards available. this whole message was written with voice to text, and it is surprisingly accurate.
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                      These are my favorite apps


                      Flixster = movies times and previews

                      Estrongs File Explorer = I find it more user friendly than Astro

                      Speedtest.net app = test the speed of signal!

                      Colornote = Little post-it notes that you can edit and assign different colors for task, lists

                      Swiftkey Beta = Keyboard replacement.  It's not Swype but I like the learning aspect of it and feels quicker than the stock keyboard of my Eris

                      The Weather Channel = I don't even use the weather widgets that came stock any more because having this.

                      Sensorly Map viewer = crowd sourced cell signal maps from around the world and growing everyday.

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                        I like weatherbug better because I keep the temp on my notification bar, and the radar pictures now have video so you know where a storm is moving.

                        Other favorite apps are

                        *Angry Birds Lite (full version when it comes)
                        *Rednecks vs. Aliens (awesome tower defense game 2nd only to Plants vs. Zombies)
                        *Video Player
                        *Engadget (keep up with Technology news)
                        *Spark (Xbox Live app)
                        *FreeCaddie (golf gps)
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                          I'm looking for an app that will allow me to access Directv for recording shows. I understand there is one out there. But I can't find it.

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