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    $$$ Expensive Plans$$$


      Y r the plans so expensive? i have the $59.99 plan w/450 min and unlimited txt. if i add a data plan it's either going to be $9.99 or $29.99.. if i choose the cheaper data plan i will have to monitor my minutes and if i choose the more expensive 1, it will be unlimited but my bill would be a whopping $90 plus all their taxes and fees.. This is ridiculous..


      While i know VZW has the best service out there i'm thinking of ditching them for something more affordabe..

      MetroPcs plans start @ $40 and end @ $60(blackberry plan). Boost mobile and Virgin mobile start @ $50 and end @ $60(blackberry plan)..


      Why can't the folks over @ VZW come up w/more compatible plans.. Why isn't all 3 services bundled into 1 price..  This sucks..

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          I can only suggest you cancel the text package and add data package. Then use google voice as your texting number. It will be free as google voice uses only data and you have unlimited data. Only drawback I see is that you will have two separate number for people to remember. One for text and one for voice. Shouldn't be a problem if you mass text everyone your new texting number.


          I just saw your profile that you are using intensity. The above only works if you're using a smartphone. Do Not get an unlimited data plan with an Intensity.