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    Phone not working


      I upgraded my phone in February to an LG EnV touch.  I had many issues with the phone and Verizon finally replaced it with a "like new certified replacement."  Long story short, since February, I have been through 4 EnV touches, and I am now on my second Samsung Rogue.  They keep sending "like new certified replacements, but they never work right.  I have asked about upgrading my contract to a smart phone, and I was told I could but they phone would cost almost $600.00.  I am at a loss as to what to do.  I haven't had a phone I can depend on since February.  Any suggestions?  Verizon just keeps apologizing and sending me different phone, but this is way past ridiculous. 

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          You are doing pretty much the only thing you can, asking Verizon to send a replacement device.  You're lucky they offered you another model of phone, they don't do that for many people.  I would suggest purchasing a used phone off eBay after doing some research to determine what type of phone will meet your needs in terms of durability.