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    online bill pay


      I suggest that the payment informatioin be saved so that bank information or what ever means of payment, does not have to be entered each time. There should also be an application for paying on the "due date" and not having the payment deducted on the date entered. All of my online payments have this, except Verizon.

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          I pay my Verizon Wireless bill online each month. My bank information is saved, and all I need to do is check which account to use to pay the bill (over the years I have used a couple of different bank accounts, the "default" is already there, and I just check the box, or pick from the drop down if I need to use a different account in a particular month).

          I also have the option to choose a date up to a week ahead of the day I am entering payment information. I just went to my account, and set it up to pay the bill on the 15th.

          You can also set it up on auto-pay, where you don't have to enter anything, and the payment is just deducted from your account each month automatically.