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    BOLD 9650 problems


      Every time I go to use my browser, or use an application that uses the browser (such as poynt) I either get an error saying that the browser cannot be used when the radio is off, please turn the radio on and try again (the radio is on and fine), or says that it cannot be processed because there is insuffecient network coverage to complete the request.

      I have quickpull doing resets everynight at 9pm, and still I am having these problems... does anyone have any ideas what I should do in lieu of running it over with my car? It's MEGA fustrating to go to use it and every time have to pull the battery and wait 10 minutes for the **bleep** thing to restart.

      To say I hate this phone would be a huge understatement.

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          I understand your frustration.  I, too, have a Bold 9650 and have had this problem occur.  What I have found is that when this happened, I did not have a data signal.  On your device, you see the little 3G symbol in the right hand corner next to the signal strength bars.  When you have a data signal, it will be a 3G with the little Blackberry dataflow symbol next to it.  If you have just the 3G and not Blackberry dataflow symbol, you are not getting enough data signal to support going on the internet with the browser.  My first suggestion is one you already wrote that you performed, a battery pull.  I would next try updating your PRL, so you can be sure you are getting a good signal.  From your home area, dial *228 and select option 2.  Allow 1 minute for the process to complete.  Once done, pull the battery and see if you get the 3G with dataflow symbol, indicating you have a full 3G signal with data support.  A final thing to check is your OS.  Make sure you have the latest Verizon OS installed, which on the Bold is  I hope this helps.



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            I have been getting the same insufficient network coverage error for two weeks now. It happens at about 1 a.m. and I lose all accces to e-mail and web.

            We have updated using *228 and option 2 and the only thing that works is a battery pull and someone from Verizon tech support sending a signal to my phone.

            I also have had several calls that drop before they even dial. Our other line does the same thing and it's not a smart phone. This has been happening for two weeks as well.

            I also have had caller ID problems since I swiched from my Cuve to the Bold. The last person I talked to shows up on caller ID first and then it flips to the person who is calling me.

            You shouldn't have to go through this every day. Doing a battery pull every day is a ridiculous answer.

            When will you find a solution for this? I've never been so disapointed in Verizon and I've been a customer for 15 years. It seems to me that in the last month something on your network has changed that is causing these problems.

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              I have had that to happen, where you lose the data part of your 3G signal.  I think a lot of times it has to do with the software OS on your phone.  Obviously, dialing *228 and selecting option 2 to update your PRL should be done at least once a month.  However, sometimes these OS releases have poor radio files in the software and are not very good.  I would first look to see if there is a software update for your device and run the latest official OS offered from Verizon.  For example, on my Bold 9650, the last update a couple of weeks ago fixed a problem with many users dropping calls.  Hope this helps,



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                I have provided some steps below that may help.


                Step 1 – Check to see if an update is available on the device. I have provided that instruction below:

                -Select Menu

                -Select Options

                -Select Advanced Options

                -Select Wireless Update


                Step 2 – Try to clear the cache and cookie files in the browser. Instruction given below:


                **Some cookies contain customized preference and logon information for previously visited websites. Once deleted, the website may prompt for this information again.


                Step 3 – Ensure the signal strength and 3G coverage is present were you are using the device. 3G must have four dots to the right of it in order to obtain data. If it is not consistent, try relocating with the device.


                Step 4 – Reprogram the device (dialing *228 SEND, and selecting option 1)


                Step 5 – Try sending a registration message to the device. I have provided the instruction below:

                -Select Menu

                -Select Options

                -Select Advanced Options

                -Select Host Routing Table

                -Select Menu

                -Select Register Now


                Step 6 - Try resending service books to the device. Instruction article given below:



                Step 7 – Hard reset.  Instruction article given below:


                ** Performing this procedure disables all data services (web browsing, email, etc.) and removes all data (passwords, contacts, etc.) from the handheld. Before clearing the handheld, ensure there is a recent backup of the data.

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                  I am a wireless administrator with decent size company and we have been ordering the 9650 Bold as new service & upgrades.  I have had complaints from several people (including myself) that their data coverage drops out.  I noticed on my Bold around 1:00am, i'll lose data connections (bouce to 3G without blackberry dots) and will come back about 15-20 minutes later.  Some of the other Bold's are losing this connection but will never regain it until they do a battery pull.  The phones in question have the newest software version .975 and I have done the *228 update and resent service books from our BES.  I think this is a bigger issue than individual devices.  Any other ideas than the basic updates would be helpful. 


                  I remember with the Tour's we experienced a similar problem and the "work-around" was to pull the International SIM card and change the network coverage to IXEV instead of Global.  I wonder if that would work for the Bold's? My only hesitation would be losing the 3G coverage by specifiying IXEV on the device.  Any thoughts?


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                    I dont have the Bold. My BlackBerry experience has been exclusively with the Storm/ Storm2, however, I do know that 1XEV is 3G coverage. 1xev is not. I was also told by customer service that under Mobile Network Options, Network Selection Mode should be Home Only, and Network Technology should be 1XEV. These options always seemed to give me the best reception. Also, I had Quickpull on my 9530 and it seemed I was having to reboot at least once a day if not more. Without it, I was pulling the battery once evry two to three days, depending on how busy I was with it. I had to remove that garbage off my phone! I would not recommend Quickpull, or any "memory boost" garbage, and certainly not any themes! I would think that for any BES situations that garbage would be forbidden.