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    Factory Reset??


      Can anyone tell me what I would lose if I were to do a factory reset (apps, pictures, videos, contacts, etc....) And if there was a way to save everything, if anything, before I were to do a factory reset. I appreciate your help in advance.



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          Pictures, videos, apps, any documents, maybe some music and ringtones.


          What I did was move what I wanted to keep to the SD Card. Apps I did not worry about as I just downloaded those again. Have your contacts backed up with backup assistant.


          I made a list of what was on my menus, what apps I had, and what bookmarks I had saved before I hit the erase icon.

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            You SHOULDN'T lose anything on your sd card, otherwise, your phone will be just like out of the box. Make sure all contacts are google contacts if you want them re-synced, if you are on android 2.2, all your apps SHOULD be returned to you (you may need to check "allow automatic updating" on each one first). Otherwise, you can use app-brain (free in the market). Sync your apps before reset, then use their website to push them back to your phone. You will have to redo all your settings, including those in individual apps.
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              The last post reminded me,for safety sake I removed the SD card while I did the reset. At least for me, none of the apps downloaded automatically once I had the phone up and running.

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                put as much as you can on your sd card and you pc, then use back up assis. to save contacts....

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                  Yeah, it's always a good idea to double up your backup (that sounds like a bad rap song). Better safe than sorry. The first time my phone was reset on froyo, all my apps came back, the second time they didn't, fortunately, everything was backed up.
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                    Thanks for all the help. This may sound like a noob question but how do I put my pictures and videos to the SD card?

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                      I connected my phone to my laptop, chose Mount as Drive, and just used the file lists under 'Computer.'  On my puter the phone was Drive G for the phone and H for the SD Card. It will different on each computer. But normally the last two drives listed will be the phone.