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    dropped calls

      Has anyone else have the problem with calls being dropped? I get dropped usually after 2 minutes or so. Im on the phone with at least 2-3 bars and the person im talking too has the same. Is it the phone, network, or both?
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          Weird...nope.  No issue here.  Are you new to verizon network or have you had no issues with other verizon phones?


          also, how do you know you have 2-3 bars when the call is dropped and how do you know the person on the other line does too?  It's possible you had 2 bars when you dialed and then lost coverage.


          There is 2 places on my commute to work that i will drop a call every time and then have full bars again literally 1 second later.


          hope you figure it out.



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            Try these 2 steps:


            • Dial *228 from your verizon phone and press option 2
            • Turn off phone and remove battery for a little bit
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              The first thing i do when call is dropped. I check signal strength and i call the person back and they do the same. Im not on the phone often and it happens maybe twice out of ten calls. I am new to verizon switching from tmo. This is my second x and the other did the same thing. First one had problems with gps dropped calls battery life was not good and a few other bugs. I like the service and like the phone very much. Even with these bugs it beats the heck out of tmo. Just wondering if the drop calls was normal.
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                I just tried that, hope it work. Thanks
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                  I am having several issues with different problems it drops my calls after 6 min and then sometimes it just beeps and boom they are gone . I had my blackberry before the DX and it nevder did tht and talking to same ppl so if you figure it out please share

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                    I haven't had any problems with dropped calls on my Droid X, but I will state, from experience, that some cell phones are great in strong signal strength and will not drop a call. Samsung and LG phones come into mind. Other phones I've had will drop a call at the drop of a hat, a couple of Nokia phones come into mind on that one. However, on the other hand, some cell phone companies, I shall not name any, are horrible in having "dead" areas and calls are dropped like a hot potato. So dropped calls could be the fault of a poorly designed cell phone and/or it could be the fault of the provider. Take a look at the flap given the new IPhone, where the antenna was placed where one normally places their hand to hold the phone to their ear....dropped calls all over the place.

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                      I also get the beep just like you discribed. I has another dropped call after i updated my roaming capabilities *228 option 2. Maybe something going on in background causing the problem like maybe its trying to sync something the same time im on a call. Or an app doing something. I didn't install any apps after i got this X and see if i can pinpoint the problem. Its a little annoying, but it's better than the service from another carrier.
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                        I'm having the same problem.  I stopped by the Verizon Wireless store yesterday to see if they could help and about 10 other X customers, including the rep, said they have not had this experience at all.  The rep updated my roaming and said it's possible that I have an app that causing the problem. 

                        As a test, my husband (using a land line) sent me a text while I was on the phone with him and our call got dropped.  I called him back (on his land line) then I got an email and got dropped again.  I'm not sure what app would be causing the problem but I'll reply back if I find out anything.

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                          I still have dopped calls. I had 4 dropped calls in 1 hour. I have not installed any apps and i work with the stock apps the phone came with. I think im going to try a different phone to see if that helps before my 30 days expire which is very soon. I can't think of another phone that can replace the x, love the size of the x. Im at a crossroad. Stay with verizon, stay with the x, or try a different phone. Any phone suggestions?
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