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    Restore contacts


      When I download and install notifylink to begin wireless update of my calendar from my hospital's MeetingMaker scheduling software and our email server, I understand that my contacts list on my BB Storm will be erased and replaced by the email server's address list.  It appears that Get it Now and Backup Assistant for VZW are not available for BB.  I did backup my BB using BB Desktop v. 4.7.  After notifylink erases my contacts list and replaces it with the email address list, will I be able to import my old contacts list from the BB Desktop?  Or do I need to seek another solution?  I am a novice with BB.  I will not install notifylink until I understand how I will recover from the erasure of my contacts list.  Thank you for your help.

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          Absolutely it will, before you do all that just make sure you have the most current backup conducted.  Restoreing your data files from your pc to your bb will help with a multitude of mistakes or problems.