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    Smasung Intensity II - Problems


      Tried a Samsung Intensity II - had two issues. The least of them was that the software had no photo editing options for rotation and cropping - key when making wallpapers out of pictures. Sepia-tone and even emboss was included as edits that can be saved!


      More important, though, there seemed to be a bug where if a key was pressed during a conversation, the person on the receiving end would receive a beep, but none would come through the phone where the key was pressed.


      Likewise, though the Samsung Intensity II has a media-player, the media files could not be played through Bluetooth - they would only be played through the speakerphone.


      There was also the stray txt message that I would receive and not be able to open. When attempting to do so, the phone would reboot.


      Connecting to a PC, I was also unable to upload/download pictures or ringtones to the phone. I could Sync music files to it, but did not have access to the other two areas. This is a little frustrating because my wife and I are classical musicians and the supplied ringtones are all techno.


      All these sound like sloppy software writing, however, my last complain seems like hardware. When connected with a Bluetooth device (essentially required in this state due to driving laws), there would be audible electronic interference, an oscillation of various electronic pitches. My wife compares it to listening to a dial-up modem while having a conversation.


      Am I alone? I also just tried it's direct competitor, the LG Cosmos, and it has its own problems.

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          I have provided some information below that may be helpful in the issues you have presented.


          Wallpaper concern instructions below:

          To view a photo, use the Directional Key to highlight the photo, and then press the Center Select Key VIEW. While viewing the picture, press the Right Soft Key Options for these options:

          • Edit: Modify the selected picture. (I have listed the two options you were requesting below. There are more options before these)

          Resize: Change the size of the selected picture. Options are:
          1024x768, 800x600, 640x480 and 320x240.

          Rotate/Flip: Rotate the selected picture in incremental steps or flip the
          picture horizontally or vertically.

          ***Cropping would require personal photo editing software, as it is not native on the device.


          Keypad recognition concern below:

          Try adjusting the volume of the keypad (instruction below)

          Keypad Volume
          Select Keypad Volume [5], press OK.
          Adjust volume, press Set [OK].


          Bluetooth playing media files concern below:
          I would recommend deleting the bluetooth device, and pair the device once again following a soft reset. A soft reset is powering the device off and removing the battery. Once the battery is out, place it back in and power the device back on.


          Text message concern below:
          This is more than likely a corrupted message (for example it may have contained an incomplete file or unsupported type file type). I would advise to remove/delete the message in question.


          Connecting to PC concern below:

          Try using Mass Storage Mode on the device to transfer your information (instruction below)


          Enable Mass Storage Mode (To transfer your music and media files)  

          1. Install an optional memory card into your phone.
          2. Plug a USB Cable into your phone, and connect it to a USB port on your PC.
          3. From the Home screen, press the Center Select Key (to select MENU) then select Settings & Tools > Tools > USB > Mass Storage.

          Note: You cannot make or receive calls when using USB Mass Storage.

          4.      At the Removable Disk prompt on your PC, select the desired action and click OK.

          5.      After performing the desired action, press the Center Select Key DISCONNECT, then confirm the disconnection at the prompt.


          Bluetooth sound concern

          Try adjusting the volume and un-pair/pair the device once again.

          ***Depending on the bluetooth device, at high volume levels you may get a certain level of electronic pitch oscillation. Try using a medium volume level.  Certain Bluetooth devices have noise canceling and other filters that can also assist in this. (If possible, try another bluetooth headset to see if the issue remains).

          I would also recommend deleting the bluetooth device, and pair the device once again following a soft reset (like mentioned above). A soft reset is powering the device off and removing the battery. Once the battery is out, place it back in and power the device back on.


          I hope this helps.

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            Thank you for writing, unfortunately you have addressed none of my specific concerns.


            Wallpaper/photo editing:

            Resizing the picture to a preset is not the aim - cropping is. If I take a picture of my wife and want her face dead-center in the photo, it requires cropping. This is "native" on most devices, including the LG Cosmos, its direct competitor (though the LG Cosmos take poorer pictures, comparitively).


            Since my original post, I have managed to find the Rotate/Flip option, but there are no 90 degree options for rotating, it only will rotate a few degrees at a time. Perhaps in several minutes the image will have rotated far enough. Most pictures that need rotating simply need to change from "landscape" to "portrait", it's frustrating that the device assumes you only want to take pictures in one orientation.


            Keypad recognition:

            Volume has nothing to do with this particular problem. The problem is that the device that has its keys pressed does not playback the sound on its own speaker (earpiece, speakerphone, or even bluetooth), but the sound *is* broadcast to the person on the other end of the phone call. At this point keypad volume only applies to interacting with the phone while not on a call.


            Bluetooth playing media files:

            Again, since my original post I contacted Samsung on a few of these issues. It was explained to me simply that the device is not designed to play back media/music files through a standard bluetooth headset (the most common type, mounted on on ear with a speaker and a microphone). It theoretically is supposed to work with a *stereo* Bluetooth device, but that requires a considerable investment and certainly cannot be used while driving, while a single-ear Bluetooth (what the general populace uses) could. Again, if this is how it is designed to work, it is a poor design.


            Text message concern:

            This has occured on only two or three occasions. On the first, a corrupted message is potntially the issue, however, it could not even be deleted as accessing it in any way rebooted the phone. The second and third times were more slippery - after rebooting the system once, accessing the message thereafter was without issue. I am still inclined to think the error is in the software, but it si not a frequent problem. Then again, we d not frequently text.


            Connecting to a PC:

            There are some fine recommendations here, *however* they only apply to using an microSD storage card as USB mass storage. My desire was to to get access to the data on the phone itself - calendar and ringtones, specifically. If you do not have a microSD memory card in the device (they do not come with any), then the USB Mass Storage option is disabled.


            With USB Mass Storage, it is theoretically possible to load ringtone files onto your microSD card, and then use the internal software in the phone to "set as ringtone" a particular music clip, but I have not yet tried this.



            Bluetooth sound concern:

            Pairing/unpairing a device had no affect. Using different bluetooth devices and different phones did not resolve the issue either; we tried pairing three different bluetooth models (two different Plantronics models and a Samsung model - of which we've tried four of that model - also of which the problem was actually the worst) on the four Samsung Intensity IIs that have entered our hands, and all have the same issue. The same Bluetooth devices did not have this problem on other phones (LG Cosmos, enV2, and Voyager were the ones in our experience). This also occured at all volume levels, though, of course, it was softer, just like the person we'd be trying to hear through the interference. Soft resets do not impact it, and noise-cancelling filters really only apply to the microphone end, not to the in-ear speaker.


            Furthermore, the issue occured anytime the phone broadcast sound to the headset, such as during the navigation of voice command menus. It would stop if, say, for example, the person I was talking to had been listening for an extended period of time (thus not broadcasting their voice into my ear). It occured whether at home or on the road, location and surrounds were not factors.


            I am not describing "white noise", or mild static - I'm describing recognizable pitches, not to different from listening to an old dial-up modem when making a connection.



            Thank you for writing, but your generic answers did not resolve the specific issues I am bringing up. As an addendum, however, I will add that my wife and I tried the Samsung Intensity II, then the LG Cosmos, and then decided to return to the Samsung Intensity II. In the end, even with the above complaints, we found the Samsung Intensity II preferable to its competition, albeit it is a choice where we had to figure out what we could live with, rather than being completely happy with a phone.


            The biggest complaint is not leveled at the devices themselves, but at the reclasification of phones into three data categories. We had been perfectly happy with the performance and features of the LG Voyager and the LG enV2, however, it became impossible to get similar quality phones with our New-Every-Two promotion, without ALSO shelling out an additional $20 / month in data plans we'd be afraid to use lest we go over the limits. Why do the enV3 and enV Touch (the direct descendents of our previous phones) require data plans? We'd be happy to use the phones without data, as we had their forebears. So, in essence, we've had to DOWNgrade our phones with the New-Every-Two promotion, instead of UPgrade. We're paying the same amount per month, but getting less out of it.


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              Thank you for all your detailed analysis. I had an LG cosmos and i just spent two days going through 6 different phones in the store. When i had a wallpaper on my phone that was based off my memory card and i used speaker phone it would cause my phone to power cycle. (Shut down and reboot when it was not supposed to). After talking to verizon wireless on the phone they are switching me over to a samsung intensity. I'm glad to hear you prefer the intensity over the cosmos even with its problems. Here's to hoping i have better luck with the intensity. 

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                I think the manufacturer and Verizon need to work together to prevent innocent hard working people from wasting their money on a phone that they too would dislike after using it for a day... This is a second attempt to put the intensity on the market, there should not be so many downfalls to it. Like you said , we want to UPgrade after being loyal customers for 2 years, not find that the terms have become altered so that Verizon can essentially say we must pick to pay for data or choose to purchase difficult, inadequate phones. We are being forced to downgrade, and eventually this will just lead to people paying for data plans so Verizon can get rid of feature phones all together due to frustrated customers. I think that is risky behavior for Verizon, because customers are actually more tempted to leave than anything else... Especially  after they embark on the process of justice. When the poor quality is pointed out, it is all being covered up and avoided by claiming devices were not built for bluetooth, camera options, volume controls, frequent texting, etc, or saying the rep misinformed us and that is unfortunate, but the company is not liable. I have experienced  reps avoiding direct answers to questions regarding these issues. There are so many glitches with this phone  I become stressed to make a list. It is poorly built, not thought out etc. Not only does the screen break after a few days (they will call it physical damage and not replace it when you simply open your phone which is hard enough to do) but almost every command a user puts in is delayed to the point where it takes you to another menu, won't let you answer a call without fussing with the unlock feature until it goes to voice mail, and so on. Perhaps the behavior of the user is not what needs changing, but rather the behavior of these brands rationalizing poor features in low quality phones. Lets work to help the people who need these companies to simply ADMIT that there is a problem so we can all go back to our trusty non Samsung phones, and comfortably traditional plans! PLEASE. Anyone with me on this?

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                  Thanks so much for your post. We are always looking into ways to better the customer's experience. I will be sure to pass this on to the product manager for further review.

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                    My wife just got an intensity 2 and we are having issues with the camera. Is there a zoom on the camera itself or is there only the ability of zooming after taking photos. The camera has a magnifying glass with a plus sign on it but it has a red circle and line thru it and I have tried every key to get it to zoom without any luck.


                    Anyone know anything about this?  

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                      Yes it does have zoom. To do this you will have to lower your quality for the picture itself. Here are the instructions for lowering the quality to add the zoom feature:

                      Go to camera,

                      and go to options

                      > resolution OR quality.

                      Set it for lower,

                      then you will get a zoom

                      • 8. My intensity is frozen

                        So I just traded in my LG enV about 3 days ago because I've had the same exact phone since it came out, which I was told was ten years ago.  I finally decided that it was time to get a new one so I upgraded to the intensity 2.  I love it, but there's on problem....I woke up this morning and it's frozen.  I missed a court date because my alarm didn't go off on the phone, I'm also not receiving any texts or calls.  FRUSTRATING!  When this would happen to my enV i would just take the battery pack out, but looking around on this phone I don't think I have that option (I'm still learning my way around the phone). 


                        Did you have this problem as well? 

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                          My two-week old Intensity II shuts itself off also-once a week and won't power up unless I remove/replace the battery. I'm waiting for a second response on another thread, but first response was to get a new phone.

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