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    Cell Phone Users BEWARE of Spyware for Cell Phones!  It really DOES EXISTS!!!


      I have spoken with at least 5 people that currently work at Verizon Wireless and asked them what they could tell me about cell phone spying.  I was basically treated like I was crazy.  No one has heard of this but yet this is not something new.  It has been around for awhile now.  I have been doing a lot of research on this due to the fact that I feel that my phone and a few of my friends phones now have this spyware on our phones!  We are talking about someone being able to listen to all of your conversations, get all of your picture & text messages, have GPS to know where you are at all times, AND even listen LIVE when you are not using the phone.  ANYWHERE...ANYTIME!  The fact that it is almost virtually impossible to detect the spyware may be the reason I have been treated the way I have.  Maybe Verizon and other companies haven't been able to figure out how to fix this "little" problem and want to pretend that it doesn't exist!  Well, here is link that can explain it better than I ever thought of.  I just wanted to, for a lack of better words, PUT A BUG IN UR EAR"!  Everyone should know about this!!




      You may not be able to click on this website so you will have to type it in!


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