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    Battery not holding charge


      Ever since my last upgrade the battery is not holding it's charge very well. I've disabled the locator. Anybody else having problems? Any suggestions?

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          Delete advanced task killer, and set your screen to auto...

          Also clean your battery connections on the battery and phone with a qtip and a small amount of alcohol.
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            I've encountered the same problem since the last update. My phone didn't even make it through the day yesterday, with minimal use.  I went into the 'settings menu' and then into 'about phone' and 'battery usage' to see if there was anything in particular that was draining my battery. The only culprit seemed to be my display, which I have manually adjusted once before, but I'm guessing this last update overrode that.  I put it back to auto, and changed my screen timeout to 15 seconds and my phone is already almost dead again today. I'm not sure if it was one of the apps that they put on the phone with this latest update that's killing it so fast but it's frustrating and they need to fix it asap! 

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              Thanks...I'll try that but I think the latest update zapped it somehow.

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                  Once my phone did the 2.2 update the battery wouldn't hold a charge at all. Had to recharge it 4x in one day! Took it to the VZ store where they downloaded a power management app but it didn't help. I made them give me a new battery. That seems to have done the trick.

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                    When the phone gets hot, the battery will not hold a charge. I've not checked to see what caused it specifically, but my Droid was working fine until one day it just went hot and the battery charge went bye-bye. I tried to recharge it, but it won't hold the charge.


                    I wasn't sure what was causing the phone to get hot, but I know it's not the battery itself that's getting hot. I figured this much out when I did a battery pull. The battery itself was warm, but the area where the camera was on the phone was quite toasty. I let my phone cool down for a few minutes then put the battery back. Haven't had any sort of issue since then so far. I do have my suspicions.


                    I believe certain apps may be playing a role here. Which one is the question. I don't have ATK and I actually have Power Manager as well. My initial guess was antivirus since it was the last app I installed before the phone went supernova. I adjusted the settings for it which I thought fixed it, but it actually got hot one more time before I did the battery pull.


                    It may not work for everyone, but you can try what I did and see if it fixes your issue.

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                      I was looking at an app called WaveSecure for security when I came across a post on their site about checking battery usage using a portion of one called "Spare Parts". Apparently the entire SP app messes up some phones so they don't advise using it, but I tried the following from it to check my battery:  go to your phone out screen and type *#*#4636#*#*

                      That brings up several screens showing barrety use in good detail. You can even ping your phone to check it. I've tried it and it works great.

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                        Well I took mine to Verizon and the kid just disabled all apps and turned off syncing.  Of course the battery now  lasts pretty well. But I bought the phone so I could monitor my personal and work email. I found one of the culprits is Face Book ... It constantly tries to update. Anyway my work email doesn't send or receive anymore. I'm heading back to Verizon. This thing is now a $200 paperweight.