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    Block Restricted/Anonymous Calls

      As we all pretty much know, even with the "Usage Controls" feature activated there is presently no way to block these extremely intrusive and often chronic calls.    You have to know the other number in order to block it with these controls.    It's probably already been requested but I would like to add my voice to the cry for Verizon to find a way to block these annoying calls.    A simple feature that doesn't allow the phone to ring or the call to even come through without the number being made visible is needed.    Even a feature to add the "no ring" option to these calls would be helpful for those calls that constantly come in the middle of the night.
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          You know, this feature has been around for over a decade for land line phones, and for whatever reason the cellular industry has refused to adopt it for whatever reason. I hardly think it is tough to adopt since they are using SS7 just like land line providers. I do remember seeing an application for my Chocolate 3 a few weeks ago for just that, but now it is gone. OF course VZW will put it out on GIN AND charge for it, that's VZW typical mentality. Until a service provider starts to provide that invaluable service FREE of charge VZW won't do it, but I look at City ID which is already free on Sprint. GIN is simply a Gold mine for VZW and it is extremely rare for VZW to offer any useful feature free of charge.

          Things like Usage controls and a feature to block restricted/unavailable numbers SHOULD be a FREE service offered by VZW, after all IT is OUR minutes we have to pay for, and we should have MORE control over who we want calling us and bothering us or not. GET ON THE BALL ON THIS VZW!

          VZW has been nickel and dime us with fees left and right for years, they should GIVE SOMETHING BACK to their LOYAL customers!
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            I have not seen it available for wireless, but I do know a feature like the one your requesting is available for landlines. I need to check my parents bill for the name as I do not have landline at home.

            What it does it it tells the caller who is listed as unavail/blocked that the receipiant is not accepting unlisted calls. The caller then has to enter the number they are calling from (system knows if they lie and hangs up which we thought was funny).

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              CAM . . . you are so right that this is a very valuable feature and it should be offered and made free.   Actually, the perfect place for it to be is WITHIN the existing usage controls . . . and may I note Verizon . . . (ahem) . . . we are ALREADY paying you for precisely this type of feature with that program.    In fact, many members purchase that feature figuring and assuming that ability is already in there since it pretty much does everything BUT that!


              We live in a dark world now were predators are attempting to contact our kids via every and any means necessary.   It is the perfect camouflage for predators to call our homes under such anonymity.   Verizon . . . if you are at all serious about providing protective tools such as all the rest that you provided in usage controls, why not provide what may well be the most important of them all?   Or, as CAM so well phrased it . . . are you just looking to make money with no other interest at all on your radar screen?


              Both Neko and CAM are right when they say that landlines have had this ability for a long time.   I can use a third party program called "Trap Call" that can provide me with those concealed intrusive phone numbers within seconds!   Why can't you do the same Verizon?