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    No credit, Deposit questions?


      Hello I have a few questions if anybody can shed some light or experience....


      I'm 20 years old and was planning on selecting Verizon as my first (and hopefully last) cellphone provider. The problem is that I have no credit and was looking to order through the Verizon's official Website or Amazon's Website. Since I have no credit I read that there would need to be a security deposit taken for the two year service. Is there any set deposit for people with no credit or does it vary person by person? And does anybody know when I would be informed about the Deposit (and the price) if I was to order online? The price only bothers me because I read that it could be up to $1000 dollars and that's a little steep for me to have them holding for up to a year.


      I understand it might be a bit easier to goto a local store and try the process there but I was hoping to receive the discount phone prices and plan option ease that the online website offers.


      So if anybody can answer or shed some experience that they might have gone through with similar issues that would be great!