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    Verizon Coverage on the East Coast


      Verizon has always had fabulous coverage for myself and family from the Central to the Pacific areas of the US. I have not had much encounter with the Eastern coast until the end of 2009. I have a long lost friend out in Massachusetts that I connected with and convinced her to change over to Verizon. Also, my older sister and husband moved out to South Carolina and took their Verizon service with them. Both of these contacts have reception problems to point that they hardly use their cell phones now. Could someone in the right department see what they could do about this East coast coverage situation, please?

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          From time to time if you have a Verizon phone your information needs to be updated and here are steps to update your phone:



          1.Make sure your particular phone is on and have some bars for the signal, you must have some bars so the call can go through to the automated system


          2.Now make sure you dial the star key (*) instead of the pound key (#) after you dial the star key then press 228 then your send key.


          3.The automated system will come on and make sure you chose option two, this option updates the roaming capabilites. This basically means if your phone drop calls the *228 option 2 will update your phone with the updated tower information so dropped calls, low signal, or no signal will stop, so give this a try to stop some problems with your service.

          4.It is a good idea to update your phone every six months for the new information for it, so enjoy.



          I HOPE THIS HELPS.