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    Droid X won't power on


      Hey everyone,

      I got my Droid X last night. I LOVED IT. I was able to use it last night.. The battery was drained so I connected it to the charger when I went to bed. Today, when I wake up, it will not turn on.. I removed the battery and put it back in, NOTHING.. I still can't turn the phone on. I have it hooked to the charger and all I have is a green light on it...



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          Got mine on Wednesday - worked until today, and now it won't power on either.  Tried to reboot, no luck.  When charging, shows green.  Any suggestions?

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            Had the same problem, and think maybe you didn't get a good charge overnight.  Mine finally "awoke" after making sure the green light was on, and charging for a couple of hours.

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              Curious whether you guys charged it  initially for the recommended 3 hours before jumping in and using it??  That's what the documentation says you must do...  just a thought.

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                Hey All,


                STRICTLY Informational...helpful if your DROID X shuts off, and doesn't come back on (right-away)...


                I got my Droid X yesterday afternoon, used it all day...charged all night. Used it extensively (lots of app downloads, texting, minimal calls) today nearly 12 hours off charge...but while I was playing a game this evening, the notification came up 15% battery life remaining, then within a MINUTE it went completely OFF and wasn't able to get it back on.


                I plugged it into a good wall socket for charging...and nearly 30 minutes later it miraculously turned back on and stated 40% charged.


                Relieved...note to self, don't let it get down that low in battery life or get a better battery

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                  Did you charge it with a wall charger or plug into a PC usb, the usb does not have enough power to bring the device back to life when the device has totally discharged...  If you are using the pc unplug and use a wall charger for 10 or 15 minutes abd then pull battery and count to 10 and place back in, device should power on then...


                  One more thing when you plug device into the wall it chould show a battery on screen with a percentage level, what percent do you see?