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    Calls from Mexico


      If anyone has been told that their phone isn't able to make or receive calls from Mexico, THEY ARE LYING!!!!!!! I asked Verizon customer service agent if I could get a Mexico plan because I was going to Mexico and I didn't want to have a large bill and I was informed that the Droid's or Droid HTC can't make or receive calls in Mexico because we use a different system than they do and that I would need a international phone. Well getting to Mexico I realized that the customer service agent was completely wrong. Don't let them take you for a ride:smileymad:

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          i plan to travel into chihuahua, mexico  in mid sept. for a weekend. does anyone know if verizon has monthly plans that i can activate just for that month? i need to take my droid x.

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            I was in mexico (GUANAJUATO)3 weeks ago and I was able to make and receive calls.w/out a problem I haven`t check my bill yet to see if they charge me o how much,I have the Motorola droid

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              Okay guys, I currently have a Droid X as well and I have a plan called "Nationwide Plus Mexico"  with this plan you can call to and from Mexico as if you were in your home area.  Meaning there are no extra charges.  However, it does not work in all cities.  I have traveled back home to Chihuahua and it only worked in Chihuahua city and Juarez but my family lives in a smaller city about 3 hours from Juarez and it did not work.  I also went to Cancun last year and traveled back and forth to Merida, Yucatan and it worked just fine and there were not any additional charges.  They used to have the information on the website about the plan, but for some reason they don't anymore.  If you call customer service they will tell you about it.  It's a good plan I have it under family share and I have saved a ton of money. 

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                Yes you Droid X will work in Mexico just fine. But first you will need to activate theNationwide Plus Mexico Plan. You can choose to activate this anytime you call or travel to Mexico. Hope this helps.

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                  where i live we have access to the same thing but for canada. works great. 


                  i have found that your answers can vary greatly from one rep to the next. i have used the global data roaming plan many times, and on friday i called to activate it. the rep told me there was no such thing. she said there were only voice and text plans for canada. urgh i hate the customer service at times, some reps know alot, most dont.


                  not sure why this is in the apps section though.