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    Certified Pre-owned phone....


      Does anyone have any experience with cerified pre-owned phones? I ordered one this weekend to replace a phone I've been having nothing but problems with, and Verizon gave me a credit to offset the cost of a pre-owned replacement (my current phone was replaced twice with the same model, each time having the same defect). Anyway it is due to arrive tomorrow, but I just received an email titled "getting started with your certified pre-owned phone". What worries me is that the phone in the email is my current phone, not my new one. I'm wondering if the info in the email was just pulled from what's on my account right now, or if they are sending me the wrong phone. If anyone has received this email, maybe you can clear it up for me. Worse case is I find out tomorrow when it arrives anyway.



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          Haha well I didn't get the phone I already have, but I didn't get the phone I ordered either. Needless to say I'm upset with Verizon yet again, especially since they won't even let me return the phone at the store but are making me ship it back by 2-day Fedex in order to receive a refund. I am not ordering the correct phone until this one is fully refunded, since I have no doubt that I will be charged the $35 restocking fee for returning a phone that I didn't even order. It blows me away how the simplest things are made so complicated when Verizon's customer service is involved.