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    Pix Place

      I have an LG enV and am trying to upload pix to pix place. I get the error message "message size exceeds size limit impossible to compose". All the pictures were taken with the enV. What are my options?:smileyindifferent:
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          Hi user "Beachball" can you check to see what size those pictures are?  Here are the limits for using The picture / video messaging portal, formerly known as PIX Place:


          • Picture up to 3MB in size and a maximum of 6MP resolution
          • Supported Image formats are JPG, BMP, WBMP, PNG, 3G2, GIF and Animated GIF.
          • Supported Video Type for upload is 3G2


          More then likely your photos are larger then the 3MB or 6MP 


          The resolution settings for your camera are:


          Try using a lower setting.


          For the existing photos can you download them directly into your computer and upload to http://picture.vzw.com/pub/gallery.do ?


          Hope this helps but if it doesn't please reply and let me know so we can go to the next step for a fix.