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    USB flash drive not working


      After installing our new Verizon USB Modem UMW190 to our DELL 8400 desktop with Windows XP SP3, our unused USB ports will no longer recognize our USB flash drives. The USB flash drives do work in other computers, so they are not the problem. Also, my digital camera will connect to the same unused USB ports with no problems, so the USB ports are not the problem. The Verizon USB Modem UMW190 was assigned the Drive Letter G: upon installation, which was one of the Drive Letters originally used for the USB port that I always plugged my USB flash drive into. So, I have changed the Drive Letter for the Verizon USB Modem UMW190 from G: to V:, but this did not correct my USB flash drive problem. The Verizon USB Modem UMW190 does work fine on the V: drive, so I left it there.

      Since this problem started only after installing the Verizon USB Modem UMW190, I assume this installation has caused my problems.

      Any suggestions on how to get my USB ports to work again for my USB flash drives?