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    Music player freezing


      I just bought my Droid 2 and added some music to it. Everytime I listen to music the phone freezes and I have to restart it. Is anyone else having this problem?

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          Factory data reset would fix your issues. And your media files are stored in the folder DCIM on your SD card..Down below are the steps...hope it helps!


          Factory Data Reset is a tool used to remove everything that was imported, added or installed on the device.

          WARNING: When using this feature; everything is deleted. Nothing stored on the MicroSD will be affected.

          Important Note: Your contact and email information is automatically backed up to the Gmail server. Your information will be restored when you login with your user name and a password.

          To Perform a Reset

          Press Menu

          Touch Settings

          Touch Privacy

          Touch Factory data reset

          Touch Reset Phone

          Touch Erase Everything


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            OKay I did all that waited a day or two and now it is worse. My music skips every second and then freezes my phone so I have to take the battery out to stop it. If it doesn't do that I'll press the menu button it won't let me switch screens after that. :/

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              i'm having the exact same problem!! is it defective? should i be returning it?

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                I had to call Verizon techincal support a couple times to try ti fix it. They said to convert all the music into mp3 format and to reformat the SD card in my phone. I did both and it worked for a couple days until it started again...... I called Verizon and they said to exchange my phone so I did.  The new phone froze once, but I've had it less then a day :/

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                  Same issue for two phones Droid 2s on my plan. Consulted with support factory reset and safe mode start with no change in problem. Verizon store says it is software and new phone won't help. Verizon a $300 phone should play music on its installed app. Any word on the cure?