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    How long should this really take?


      I went into a Verizon Wireless store in El Cajon, Ca on Saturday, 8/7. I ordered my DX and was told i'd get a call on Tuesday or Wednesday for the tracking number. When the call didn't come, i took initiative and called Verizon myself. When i asked why i didn't receive my tracking number, the representative asked me hold on while she checked to see when the order was entered. I hung up after 16 minutes of being on hold. Once i called back, another representative apologized and told me that my order would ship out from the warehouse in Ontario, CA on the 17th or 18th. I called just yesterday to check for a tracking number and was told by yet another representative that my tracking number would be posted on my account when FedEx picked it up, and then told me she was occupied with another customer and couldn't check. I then called Grossmont's branch and was told that my order would not arrive at my house until the 25th. What is going on? I hear people ordering two days ago and getting them today. Can i get no straight answers? I was originally thinking of maybe going to AT&T for the iPhone, and despite it's inferiority, is sounding like a better choice.

      When should my order arrive??