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    File Manager App


      I downloaded the app called "File Manager" from the Market because I've heard it's much easier/faster to use to move files between my SD card and phone memory this way than to hook the phone up to my PC. Thing is, I'm having the damndest time figuring it out. I can't figure out where to begin, like what icons represent the phone memory and which ones for the SD card. If anyone with some knowledge/experience regarding this app can help me out, that'd be great. :smileyhappy:  I feel like an ***** not being able to figure out an app that many have told me is very simple, lol.

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          I like Andexplore and Astro.  They have labels like /SDCARD and /EMMC ok so /EMMC is a little tougher to figure out but it is the internal memory SDCARD is self explanitory.  In Andexplore you long press on a file click menu copy paste  and copy or cut depending on whether you want to move or copy then you select the file then go to the destination and press menu and select paste and it will move the selected files for you.  In Astro I believe you long press and you can select a few then go to a destination and select move and it will move the files you selected to the destination folder.  I think you can also do that with copy.