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    Video format????


      What video format do I need movies to be in if I save them to my SD card to play on my DIC? 


      Another question: Is there a way to delete scenes/backgrounds (but not really backgrounds), I have learned that I can change those at any time with changing my phones entire layout, on the phone?  It keeps asking me to save them and I said yes and now I have 8-10 scenes and and I use maybe 2.

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          How do I view the files that are on the phones internal memory?  I know how to check the SD card but not the other...



          Please help....

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            Oh yeah one other issue.  When I receive a text message it also comes through as a SMS.  I am getting 2 responses fer every 1 message that comes in.  ANy idea of what I am doing wrong?

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              In order to better understand what you are talking about I need a little more info.

              What apps are you using if any and for what problem?

              Do you have another texting app other than the stock one?

              What scene's are you talking about? An app scene, or the stock wallpapers?

              How are you viewing files for the SD card on an app, or via usb cable to a computer?

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                The scenes/wallpapers.  Where you can change the background or the entire picture or format.  Change what your looking at.  You can choose HTC or scenes that you have all ready saved.  Hope that answers that question.  The only app I have on for messages is a SMS POPUP.  I just now thought of this but I guess that I can remove it and see what happens.  I would like to view the videos on my DROID that I download or rip or burn.  I was thinking that all I need to do is out them on my memory card.   Is there a good APP to watch the movies?  Llike a media player or something?

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                  Ok, stock wallpaper don't really take up that much space and if I were you I'd just ignore them because you can't really remove them.
                  The stock sms service can be turned off if you use an app sms service. Go into the messaging settings and disable the notifications thus only giving you the app notifications you desire.
                  Videos.... this gets tricky and time consuming. First you'll need a decent video ripper. I use Nero but tons video software is available. Most ripper will have preset video settings for certain video devices. I use the iPhone video format, its just the right resolution and bit rate for the Droid to read properly. Some software I hear is getting android presets so if your version has that try it and let us know. Now, one you convert you "downloaded" movie, rip to the correct format (mp4), move it to your card via SD card reader or usb cable. I use an app call doubletwist to view video files.
                  Also, I use and app called File Manager to view/delete files on the phone/sd card.
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                    dabubbakin, which Nero utility do you use? Nero Recode? And what is the file size after you recode video files?

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                      How do I change the format of a movie once I put it on my SD card?  I dont know how the process how how to rip a video.  Is there an instruction list or how to do it?  I want to put a few movies on my phone.  Whats the average size of a movie?  I only have an 8 GB card and I dont want to fill it up with movies.  I know there are bigger cards and when I go to vacay I will load it up with flicks.

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                        I use recede yes.... file size is usually depending on the length of the movie but you can assume about 100mb per hour of video using the iPhone setting.
                        Beasy - The format is automatic when you rip the movie. Ripping a movie means changing it to what you want. You need software like Nero to RIP the movie to the correct format you need. When the computer finishes ripping the movie, then you move it to your SD card, then play on phone. Understand?
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                          Yes I understand that.  Is there a NERO for MAC?  I have it for my PC which isnt in use.  Is it where you inert the disc then open the program and make the right selection (in the NERO program)?

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