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    SMS Backup

      After three years, I've decided it's time to replace my aging Motorola V3M. I have purchased a new phone, and am ready to activate it, but I need to back up the text messages from the old one before I get rid of it. What do I need to do in order to backup the SMS messages from my V3M?
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          You could save the sms by forwarding to your vtext account that comes with the My Verizon. You would simply forward the SMS by entering the following 10digitmobilenumer@vtext.com. Then to get the SMS you log into My Verizon or you can go to vtext.com.


          But keep in mind, it will show as a forward text and will not show the original sender.

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            Thank you. That would definitely be one solution, which I'll certainly keep in mind. I could also e-mail them to my own non-vtext e-mail account, but that solution would be less-than-optimal, because I'll have hundreds of text messages that would need to be archived, and ideally I'd certainly want to have at least the sender [and preferably the date and time stamps] intact.
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              i used to use a program called BITPIM with some of my older phones, i think it had the ability to save txt messages. you would need to get a cable for your computer to use it. im not sure if using a program like this will void a warranty you might want to look into that first
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                Direct VZW corporate locations also have the ability to flash your text messages from one phone to another along with contacts and pictures/video.