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    Whats with motoblur


      im thinking of switching to the droid x or upcoming droid2 but both have motoblur lite on them. i want to see what real users can tell me about this, i dont do the social networking site scene and dont particularly need this. is it a feauture that envelopes the device or if need be and i dont use it can it be completely overlooked?

       so please give me some honest results folks its a nice chunk of cash to have a phone that i dont need ya know.


      i wanna know how big of a part of the user interface motoblur is


      i wanna know is it something that cannot be used if i so chose


      i wanna know if i have to use it , to what extent does the program affect the device?

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          ??? no one has had anything to say well that sucks

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            It doesn't take over your phone like it used to.  It is completely behind the scenes.  If you don't want all the social networking and everything you don't need to.  The only way you can really tell Motoblur is on the phone is if you add the widgets to your home screen or use the universal inbox for all your social networking accounts.  If you don't have any of the social networking accounts and choose not to use the widgets (some of them are nice and do not only involve the social networking) then you will not really notice it's on there.

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              played with the droid 2 today and was very unimpressed looks like its gonna be an x

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                I have no idea what motoblur even is.  I use my droid for everything but the phone, it seems.  Motoblur has never gotten in my way.

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                  MotoBlur is a type of UI (User Interface) that Motorola uses on a number of there devices, Droid X UI is a modified version of Motoblur...  Droid does not have Motoblur, if I remember correctly Droid 1 simply has the stock Android interface with no UI overlay.  Sense UI and  Motoblur are simply a interface added over the stock UI to give it a diffrent look and additional features, all adroid device UI codes are the same do to these custom interfaces.

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                    i understood what it was just remember people saying how it bogged down past devices and sucked batterylife the droid 2 and x were shipped with a lite version but i went to a store today and played with both and its very much a non issue as far as functionality with the lite version but from what i have heard the x gets solid battery life anyway. after using the droid2 it just seemed sluggish and apps and programs were slow opening and closing out . i dont know why but compared to the x and even an htc evo the 2 was super lethargic  all around put the new qwerty is a plus and it doesnt come with swype which is odd seeing how the x from the same carrier and company does the salesman informed me i could get it through the market for about 7 bucks or online for free but thats a great feature to just leave off a 200 dollar phone so minus the keyboard im on the x bandwagon a faster sleeker and even with android2.1 verses the droid2's 2.2 the x blows it away i know it may be a hit with the original droid crowd but if you sit down and compare devices you'd be a little crazy to not put the same cash in the all around superior x  i mean why not upgrade the camera its already a stout device so going to a 8mp  camera wasnt gonna add bulk or a bump to the 4 in screen even though i know the droid pro is coming later this year and is going to offer both of these upgrades and a 1.3 ghz processor if i didnt need to upgrade i would wait it out for that or one of the lte phones to be released christmas but unfortunately thats life


                    didnt meant to ran but dang i was excited about the 2 but just so let down after a hands on.