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    How to remove unwanted apps?



      My phone came with some apps.  I like the Kindle app, but want to remove the Blockbuster and City ID apps.  I cannot figure out how to do this. 


      The City ID is especially annoying/intrusive and randomly opens asking me if I want to subscribe or "continue my free trial."  There's no option  to get it to stop pestering me! 


      Can someone walk me through how to take the apps off?

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          You can not delete them. I have not received a message from City ID since the 15 day trial ended.

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            That's bad news, especially as many of the installed apps use a lot of battery life and restart their own services no matter how often you stop them. Wonder if Verizon has any remedy for this?

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              CtyID uses a very small amount of memory and nearly non existent battery use.  Blockbuster I would think the same as it will not run a movie unless you order and start it.


              But I agree we should be able to take them off, but those companies most likely paid verizon to have their programs on the phones.

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                Wow, how lame. 


                It is my phone. I paid to own it, am paying fees to Verizon to use it, and I think I should be able to decide what apps I want to be on it.  I will write a letter to Verizon complaining.

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                  {edit for TOS violation}

                    If you remove certain apps that came in the phone, you will never be able to update it.






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                  Thank you.