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    factory reset?


      if i perform a factory reset on my droid, will i have to have it activated again? what and all will i have to reinput on it? everything?

       oh should i pull my sd card befor doing this so it dont erase it?

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          You shouldn't have to reactivate and everything on the sdcard should be safe.  You'll need to login to your gmail account again and redownload your apps and set up your home screens.

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            Performing a hard reset will remove ALL data including the Google account, system data, application data, application settings, and downloaded applications. After a hard reset has been performed, initial setup may need to be performed. If needed follow the steps below:



            1. From the initial activation screen, touch the android.
              Touch the android
            2. Touch Activate.
            3. Listen to the instructions, touch 1, then stay on the line until activation confirmation is heard.
              Activate and confirm
            4. Touch Next.
              Phone is activated
            5. Touch Begin.
              Begin tutoriall
            6. Touch Next.
            7. Touch Next.
              Next to get started
            8. Touch the desired option: Select Google account method




            Create Google Account

            1. Slide the keyboard to the open position.
              Open keyboard
            2. Enter the Google account information then select Next.
              • First name
              • Last name
              • Unique desired username
              Enter name and username
            3. Enter the desired password, re-enter the password then select Next.
              Enter and re-enter password
            4. Select the Security question field.
              Security question field
            5. Select the desired security question.
              Select security question
            6. Enter the desired answer to the selected security question then select Create.
              Security question answer
            7. Review the Google Terms of Service then select I agree, Next.
              Review Googles terms of service
            8. Enter the characters that are seen in the picture then select Next.
              Enter security characters
            9. Slide the keyboard back to the closed position.
              Close keyboard
            10. If desired, ensure the following options are checked then touch Next.
              • Allow Google's location service to collect anonymous location data. Collection will occur when no applications are running
              • Allow Google to use location for improved search results and other services.
              Google location options
            11. If desired, ensure Back up settings to my Google Account is checked then touch Next.

              Backup settings option
            12. Touch Finish setup.
              Finish setup



            Hope this helps! :smileyhappy:

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              I just did a factory reset last week after an unstable app (seems to have) hosed my GPS functions.


              Nothing to it.  And yes you will have to reactivate it, after all you're restoring back to RIGHT OUT OF THE FACTORY conditions, not OUT OF THE STORE conditions.  Just dial *228 (star-two-two-eight) and select Option #1.  It must use your handset serial number or some other embedded info because all I had to do was select option #1 and it did everything else automatically.  Phone was up and running in about 2 minutes.  All I heard was a couple of beeps and a "Thank you. Your phone is now activated."  I thought at least I'd have to supply a phone number, account number, last 4 digits of SS#, or some other info but not so.  Options #1 and done.


              You will have to go back into the Market though and reinstall your apps, but your original list should still be there.

              Froyo (2.2) supposedly comes with an improved Market app that will allow you to reinstall ALL your apps in one shot, as opposed to 2.1's one-at-a-time method.  Oh well... even with 75 apps, the whole restore took me maybe an hour.

              You'll also have to set up your e-mail accounts as well.  If you had Google Backup enabled, your Contacts and Calendar and whatever info you synced will be automatically restored for you.


              If you want a printable list of your apps before you reset, look for and install "AppsList" from the market, or better still "AppBrain Market Sync".  AppsList will print a complete .TXT list of installed apps onto your SD card,  AppBrain will keep a record online and even automate re-installs.

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                john - sad you had to spend more than 10 minutes fixing verizons problems.  even sadder your able to justify as only one hour. 

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                  droidbabysittin wrote:

                  john - sad you had to spend more than 10 minutes fixing verizons problems.  even sadder your able to justify as only one hour. 


                  What Verizon problems?

                  I already said it was the result of an unstable, poorly written app that caused my problems.  Verizon has no control over lousy coders in the Market.  I won't mention any names but their initials are B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.W.i.d.g.e.t.s.

                  And an hour to reinstall 75 or so apps, including configurating settings and setting up multiple e-mail accounts?

                  I don't see that as a hardship to restore a Droid from a factory reset back to where it was in one hour.


                  Try doing that with a comparable Micro$oft OS... good luck with that. We're talking days now, not an hour.

                  Not only was it not a hardship, I'd call that remarkable that I was able to do it so easily.

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                    my point exactly - justification is a powerful tool john. guess compared to the old days your right and since you can justify the time spent, your ok with this considering your comparing a "smart" phone to a computer.   So we should expect to have issues but just less than a comparable OS?????  insanity   

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                      Well if you make an OS that is better and more stable let me know... technology goes so far.. user error is the main problem.
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                        As bad as it may sound, phones just like computers (Laptops or desktops) will and do have occasional problems. It takes many hours to restore a laptop and or desktop even with back-ups.


                        A cell phone is primarily to make and receive calls, all else is fluff. It took me a few minutes to update my droid manually, and a few more minutes to insure it was all working correctly. I think this time span is the norm and not  the exception.


                        Like many computer companies that have you do a "restore", or a "reformat" it will also happen to cell phones and the greater devices out there. That is just the way it is.


                        We as users and purchasers have to deal with that the best we can.