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    LG Ally text message memory full


      I have had this phone for a little over a month now and I get the message "text memory full" all the time. I have 2 conversations open all the time and I clear them once a week. Other than that I don't have tons of messages. I looked online and it said to clear my cache. Well when I tried to do that it helped some but I deleted all my  live backgrounds that came on the phone and that I use, and now I can't figure out how to get them back. I really like the phone but I'm tired of having to clear all of this stuff every so often. I have never had that with any phone and I don't get a warning to clear stuff before it happens. Does anyone have any suggestions????

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          I have given some steps below that may be helpful when getting the “text memory full” message.


          Check your messaging options:


          -Click the icon button (the one with the 32 little boxes’)
          -Click on the messages icon
          -Click your menu button (the hard key with the 4 vertical lines)
          -Select settings


          -Delete old messages (I would recommend checking this option, as it ensure the limit is not reached)


          -Test message limit (change to desired number, the bigger the number, the better)


          I would also recommend occasionally (as needed) deleting some of the threads as well.


          -Click the icon button (the one with the 32 little boxes’)
          -Click the messages icon
          -Click menu button (the hard key with the 4 vertical lines)
          -Select Delete Threads


          I would also recommend checking the devices memory (I have listed those instructions below
          -Click the icon button (the one with the 32 little boxes’)
          -Click on the settings icon
          -Click SD card & Phone Storage
          -Available space should give you a number in MB’s (megabytes)



          Lastly, I would recommend stopping any applications that don’t need to be running. For instructions click HERE.


          Hope this helps! :smileyhappy:

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            I have the same issues... ive done those things and i still get that my inbox is full... so what now?

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              Here are some additional steps that you can try:


              1.      Remove all unnecessary messages


              2.      Remove any unnecessary applications


              3.      Check the devices memory


              4.      Clear cache, cookies, temporary internet files. ***Some cookies contain customized preference and logon information for previously visited websites. Once deleted, the website may prompt for this information again.


              5.      Soft reset


              6.      Try putting the device into safe mode. Safe mode is a method that allows the device to run without non-essential applications. This is beneficial for troubleshooting 3rd party applications. I have provided the instructional article below:



              If this issue does not repeat in safe mode, then you may have an application that is not native to the device causing the issue.


              ***Lastly, if the options above have not fixed the issue, I would recommend a hard reset. Performing a hard reset will remove ALL data including the Google account, system data, application data, application settings, and downloaded applications. Only perform this reset if absolutely necessary. To complete a hard reset please do the following:


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                I am having the same issue.  I only have one thread open with only 3 messages inside the thread, yet I'm still getting the "low on text space" notification.  How can this be?!?!  VERY Frustrating!!