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    Droid X: random pauses and freezing (but no reboots)


      This is my first Android phone.  The phone frequently stops responding to touch inputs for several seconds at a time.  It can be in the middle of typing (usually using Swype), or navigating through the Home screen, or interacting with an app.  The physical buttons always react immediately, but the touch screen does not.  Is this considered normal?  It's pretty annoying.


      I'm running system 1.13.604.MB810.Verizon.en.US, firmware 2.1-update1

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          No its not.  Ordered 2 and one did the same.  Another new phone sent overnight

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            Mine is doing the same thing, touch screen freezes, I can then use the hard buttons to exit and start again. Did a hard reset and formatted my sd card, no change so far.


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              My Droid X is also experiencing the random screen freezing. It can happen when looking at pictures, using the web browser, playing a game and just about any other function. If I press the power button at the top to turn the screen off and then again to turn it back on, then the screen will be usable again. However, it may only last a few minutes until it happens again. I have had it happen nearly 20 times a day. I tried soft booting and pulling the battery but the issue always comes back.

              VZW Support had me do a hard boot and reload all the factory settings. I purposely did not load any apps to see if it was something I installed but after about an hour, the freezing resumed. They are overnighting me a new Droid X so hopefully this one is not plagued by this issue.



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                Alright People There are more users out there having the issue. My guess is they are not savy enough to post or dont realize the reboots, caus eit literally only takes 30 sec to reboot, unlike BB tour. So it may not be as apparent. Also other not I just spent 3hrs today back and forth with Verizon an Moto to resolve yet again another rebooting issue with My x. And ladies and Gents this is my second x I will soon have a 3rd. My 1st had issues with in the first week, the second last about a month. Lets seee how long the 3rd lasts. I get it next week. For Moto engineer readers. My phone has 3 apps installed. One game from market ( Robo Defense) google maps and auto task. Im also experienced with both phones gps droping and having to retart phone manually to find a sat as well as screen freezing and locking sometimes to the point of needing reboot. My 3g hot spot sometimes needs a reboot to work. It seems to get caught in a loop, I cant remember what happens exactly but a reboot is needed to resolve. What else, oh I use the phone costantly more than most I travel aalot and its constantly charging so I can be intouch with clients via email, sms, web interface as well of a course a phone voice. The phone sits in a silicon case for protection and I have a holster (leather) to put it in. Its in sometimes the phone gets warm. I also have noticed when the phone is just running sys files the ram is way to high and this concerns me maybe its overheated possibly cap issue not really sure. If there is a developer that cares about makin those that are having continuing issue just reply. I also apreciate u increasing the vol settings cause they are horribly low. Also not u should increase the alarm volume as well as many users use there phone as an alarm clock these days, if thats not already adressed under speaker volume and ringtones. Thanks

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                  Out of curiousity, how many of you using a task killer, I ask because I had this issue when I first got my device before I learned how to properly use a task killer, my system would freeze and when I looked at the systems resources I was usually down to 30 or 20 megs of free ram, some say that a Task Killer isnt needed but I beg to differ but each to their own.... Give Advance Task Killer a try and set the auto close to activate when device goes to sleep and MOST IMPORTANT, make sure to exclude all primary needed apps from the task killer to avoid apps not activating because you told the TK app to close it....  I feel if you follow the designers suggestions and use the application wisely you can cut down these issues.  I havent had any lockups since I have been using ATK so I thinks its worth checking out...


                  One more thing take the time to look at the apps that you have installed, some lock ups are usually coming from a incompatible app installed.

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                    FYI, when I contacted Verizon about the intermittent freezing, they walked me through a factory reset.  The problem was still there afterwards (it was freezing on the initial Google sign-in).  So they sent me a replacement.  Three weeks in, and the new one doesn't show any of the same symptoms.  There's been absolutely zero intermittent freezes.  It's the Droid X experience that I expeced.