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    Texting problems


      I've made 2 calls to support, and still have problems sending text messages.  It says they were sent but they don't show up, however, my contacts can initiate the text and I have no problem replying...and they receive the text!  Its a recent thing within the last couple of weeks...but tech support is just not able to figure it out.  I can usually get 1 to go through while I have support on the phone but within an hour it doesn't work anymore.  And it doesn't matter who the carrier is....AT&T, Sprint, Verizon...nothing works.


      Suggestions?  Thanks

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          Try this.


          • Power up the OTA capable handset
          • Dial *228
          • Press the SEND key

          The total programming time should take under two minutes.


          Result: The following audio message is played on the handset:

          Welcome to Verizon Wireless programming. Para espanol, oprima la estrella (*). To Program or activate your phone, press 1. Update your Roaming Capabilities, 2.

          Digital Coverage: OTA Programming calls must be made within a Verizon Wireless Digital Service Area.


          Press 2 on the handset keypad to update the PRL list.

          Result: Hold music plays. The following message is repeated at 25 second intervals during the programming process:


          Please continue to hold.  Your phone is being programmed.



          End the call when the phone has been successfully programmed and no further action is needed, the following audio message will be played on the handset:

          Your phone has been successfully programmed. Thank you for calling Verizon Wireless.


          Hope this helps!

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            I have the same problem, but that trouble-shoot walk through hasn't happened so far with me. In fact, it's only gotten worse. I can send texts and have them complete on my end but the person I am sending to doesn't receive them. Very rarely when this happens they will show up hours later, but in most circumstances they never deliver at all. This happens most frequently with the person on my plan. We both use Droids.


            Half the time, if it's saying sent but never sends, it will actually send to someone else that I don't have a message open with. This can be to personal cell phone numbers or Twitter and Facebook.


            I have been on phone with tech support three times, one time it ending up in a three hour long call resulting in no change at all. The problem persists and depending on the day it's worse. It doesn't matter what area I'm in, if I'm in a 3G service range or not, or even what state.


            I am hoping this most recent update to my phone, which came out much too late (thanks to Android and not Verizon) will correct the problem with texts being sent to the wrong person, but I would like my texts to actually send when they say they are sent.