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    HTC Incredible stuck, Wont boot


      I just got my phone literally 5 hours ago, I just got everything set up, contacts added, Etc, I go to plug it into my computer to put some music onto the phone and the phone just shuts off, I go to turn it on and it stays at the "HTC Incredible" screen, And just sits there, So I removed the battery, Soon as I put the battery back in, It jumps right back to that screen and sits there, I cant power down, no nothing, so i tried removing the battery, And putting it back in and hitting Power + Volume down, Tried every option there is.. Nothing, Just goes right back to the "HTC Incred." screen.. Unfortunately, Verizon was closed before I could get there, anyone know a fix, Or am I stuck taking it to the store tomorrow?

      When I run the Simlock, It says 255: not key-card!!!
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          Here are a few options to try. First make sure your phone is disconnected from the computer.

           Try to perform a battery pull when you see the "HTC Incredible" screen. If after powering up your device and you still get the "HTC Incredible" screen then try to perform a hard reset.


          *Performing a hard reset will remove ALL data including the Google account, system data, application data, application settings, and downloaded applications.


          Follow these steps to perform a hard reset:


          1. Press and hold down the Power Key
          2. Touch Power OFF
          3. Touch OK
          4. Press and hold the Volume down key then press the Power / End key.
            When the HBOOT screen appears, release the keys.
          5. Press the Volume key to select CLEAR STRORAGE then press the Power / End key.
            Note If prompted with Do you want to start update?, press the Volume down key to choose No. When prompted, Do you want to reboot device? press the Volume down key to select No.
            Note This boot process takes several moments, reference the progress bar located in the upper-right. If the device hangs or freezes, remove / replace the battery.
          6. Press the Volume up key to select Yes.


          Please let me know if this helps!



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            Have the same issue, I have tried everything mentioned, I also found on other forums that this may be a battery issue, tried cooling the battery, cleaning the battery contacts, still same issue.  Nothing seems to work.


            Also have noticed this to be a rather common problem with HTC DI2's is there a more permanant solution to this rather than having to get my phone replaced every few months?  I have only had it for 2 months now!



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              Hi bwils-74,


              To clarify, your Droid Incredible 2 powers off, then gets stuck on the Droid screen when powering back up? This forum is actually for the Droid Incredible, not the Incredible 2, so I want to make sure we are on the same page. In addition, it is from 2010, and the Incredible 2 does not have a reported issue of this happening. 


              I have checked my references, and I am showing that a soft reset may resolve this for you. Simply remove the battery while the phone is on, wait 60 seconds, then reattach the battery and power on. 


              You also have the option to complete a factory reset. Before doing this, ,make sure your data is backed up on your PC. Below are the steps for the factory reset on the device. 


              1. From the home screen, touch Menu
              2. Touch Settings 
              3. Touch SD & phone storage
              4. Touch Factory data reset
              5. Tap Reset phone
              6. Tap Erase everything
              7. Device will begin to reset

              Note: Reset may take anywhere from 1 - 10 minutes for reset and restart depending on amount of data on device.


              Hard Reset Option 2

              Power device off
              Press and hold VOL Down and then Press Power button at same time until screen displays Boot Loader screen, then release keys
              Press VOL down to highlight "Factory Reset"
              Press Power Button to select option

              Note: If instructions do not work, remove battery and then reinstall and try instructions again.


              I hope this information is helpful. Have a good day!