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    Accounts and Sync, delete/disable and other questions.


      If Auto Sync is enabled in "Settings->Accounts & Sync" then all 4 accounts sync.

      Backup Assistant, Facebook for HTC Sense, Google, Weather.


      If you enable on you enable all.  That doesn't make sense.  How do you delete or disable the accounts you are not interested in syncing every day?


      You can add accounts "Exchange ActiveSync", "Facebook", "Flickr", and Twitter. 

      Backup Assistant, Facebook for HTC Sense and google are selected but there seems to be no way to unselect them.


      Backup Assistant isn't working so I want to disable it.  Google has my contacts backed up already anyway why do I care about backup assistant unless I want to switch to a non-google phone?  I would like to get it working for this purpose but then I only need to sync once before I switch not every day which is the only frequency option available.


      What's the difference between "Facebook for HTC Sense" and Facebook which can be added ?


      If I disable "Google" does that disable my mail or just the contacts sync?