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    Lost Phone - GPS location on

      I called customer service to see if they could find the phone via GPS since the location is on.  They stated they can't but has anyone else had any luck finding their phone with the gps and how did you do it?  We just had our first baby and used the phone to take pics.  They are the only pics we have on my phone.  Please, any advice?  We don't have all of them downloaded.
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          There is no way for VZW to track your device for you, even if it is in 'Location On'. You could try to contact your local law enforcement to see if they can track it, otherwise you'll have to rely on a good samaritan
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            Generally, location on doesn't really mean much except for the fact you can now use Location Based Services such as VZNavigator or Chaperone. 


            The local law enforcement agency WILL NOT provide you the location of your device...even if it is lost or even stolen. They rarely use their ability to track the GPS anyway. They usually only use it when you call 911 and then hang up. They won't do a "courtesy track" for you.


            Also, Verizon Wireless keeps and never receives any records of your phones location EVER...except the city and state you're placing calls from.


            Hope this helped! 

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              well IF the gps were unlocked and you had google latitude or some other app, then you could find it


              but since it only works with vzw apps maybe they will offer a service of 9.99 a month to track the location of your phone in case you lose it

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                Would be nice, but would defeat the purpose of why they have it blocked for security reasons.
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                  the only way to track a VZW phone is through Chaperone which has to be downloaded to the actuall phone.  sorry but no other way to track it and most likeyly the phone is powered off by now Chaperone only would work if the phone is on.
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                    I lost my phone a few nights ago and the best way i found was to use my bluetooth earpiece and back-track where i went. Im in the National Guard at a post in Oklahoma being trained before i goto Iraq. I walked the same route i took when i lost it and couldnt find it. Then i rememberd i had a Bluetooth so i walked through the barracks to see if someone had picked it up and could i find where in the building that person might be and lo and behold, i got a signal and found my phone! The Bluetooth has about a 30 ft range from your phone and the closer you are to it the better the signal is so, it didnt take long to find it once i tried that. Hope that enlightens the unfortunate ones of us that lose our phones because the gps doesnt help at all to find it but a Bluetooth can, but only in a situation like mine where you have someone close that picked it up and you can walk the route you took or the halls of the barracks, or even your home if you misplaced it. Hopefully its still working like mine was! Take care all, and i hope that helps!! Happy hunting!!