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    Screen Lock: Too many pattern attempts.


      My friend was messing with my phone, trying to guess my pattern lock.  He didn't get it in 20 tries and now my phone is locked, asking for my google login and password.  I know I've typed it in correctly several times, however, the phone refuses to acknowledge or unlock. It only gives me the message of  "invalid username or password".  I've tried all of my gmail accounts and passwords just in case there might be something I was overlooking.  I only have the one account synced to this phone, and that login is not working.


      I read on several other online forums that I'm not the only one to have this problem since they fixed the problem of being able to skirt the lock by hitting the 'back' button when a call comes in.


      Is there anyone who can help or has a suggestion other than the caveman response of a hard reboot of my phone?

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          Unfortunately I think the only known option is the caveman one. One trick that I'll provide though is to get your hands on another sd card before doing the reset. That way after beating your phone with the caveman club you'll still have all of your data by putting the card back in the phone.





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            Unfortunately jasnmar is correct, you will have to do a reset of the phone.  Luckily, once you get Froyo on your phone, all your apps (both purchased and free) will automatically re-install themselves for you.

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              How do I do a hard reboot if I cannot get to the menu? My phone is stuck on the screen asking for my Google account iD and password, which it won't accept. 

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                I'd recommend getting an additional memory card before starting this, but it isn't a requirement.
                Power off the phone.
                Open the keyboard.
                Press the x key.
                While pressing x push the power button to turn on the phone.
                Keep pressing x.
                Once the "yield" sing appears release x.
                Press volume up, and while holding this depress the camera key half way.
                A menu will appear. You can release the two keys.
                Using the dpad scroll down to "clear data / factory reset" and press the dpad button to select it.
                When done, if prompted elect to restart.