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    Voicemail on Droid x


      I just got my new Droid X, missed a call and the caller left a voice mail.  I got notified that I had missed a call but I got no notification that there was a voice mail.  I went to the Voicemail app and it indicated that there were 0 new voicemails. I do not have visual voice mail. 

      How do you set up notification of new voice mails and in the voicemail app how do you get an accurate list of new voicemails?



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          The voicemail application on the Droid X is for visual voice mail (which is $2.99 a month) however there is also the option to call voicemail (which could be done manually by dialing *86 send). If you received no notification, I would check your voicemail first to see if the missed caller had even left one.


          To ensure your notification for the voicemail is working correctly, try leaving yourself a voicemail. The notification should appear in the notification pull down bar at the top of your phone. The voicemail notification should look like a cassette tape.


          I hope this information was helpful.





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            Do you mean that in order to see a visual notification in the status bar, that I need to pay the monthy fee of $2.99?


            Thanks for the assistance!

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              No. You don't have to pay $2.99 for Visual Voice Mail for a visual notification. Without VVM, as posted above, when someone leaves you a voicemail, you will see an icon in the notification bar on the top of the phone that looks like a cassette tape. You then must dial *86, enter your password, and follow the menu prompts to listen, save, delete your message and create greetings.



              Visual Voice Mail is an application that allows subscribers to view caller and voice mail information and listen to voice mail messages in any order on their wireless device. Scroll through your messages, pick the ones you want to listen to, erase or archive them right from your screen on your wireless device. You can call back, text and add to contacts directly from the Visual Voice Mail screen.

              Other features include:

              • Get on-screen access to voice mail message status.
              • Access voice mail with one button and get instant playback.
              • Save up to 40 messages for 40 days, or archive them permanently
              • Create 10 different caller-ID based greetings.
              • Reply via call back, text, or even voice mail.
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                I have left several messages to myself and I only recieve the "missed call" icon, not the "voicemail - cassestte tape" icon. Any ideas on what I should next? Are there other settings I need to turn on?

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                  Similarly, one of my co-workers with a new Droid X and myself are not getting any notification for voicemail.


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                    I do not have visual voicemail on my phone and do not receive any visual notification that I have received a voicemail. What I do receive (and it took me a while to correlate the two) is a text message of about 40 nonsensical numbers/letters that starts with VZW.  I now know when I receive one of those texts that I have a voicemail.  I am wondering if there is something wrong with my phone or if there is a fix for this? Does anyone else have this issue?  I guess it gets its point across but it is a bit non-intuitive.

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                      I had the same issue on my Droid X and not receiving a voicemail notification. I ended up installing youmail from the android market and it fixed the problem. You might slap want to try voicemail notifier. Both are free Aps.

                      I hope that helps!
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                        Darn swype...i meant to say also instead of slap.