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    Verizon Wireless Rebate Card?


      I rolled over my contract today and one of the new phones we purchased comes with a rebate--except when one reads the fine print, the rebate is payable in the form of a "rebate card". There is nothing in the written materials I received to suggest that the card must be used for one or more specified purposes; nor does its usage seem to be restricted. Does anyone know whether and, if so, HOW, the rebate card is limited? Must the money be used for Verizon products (which will make me very unhappy)? Services (better)? Cash (best)?



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          The rebate card comes in the form of a Visa Gift Card and will be accepted anywhere a normal Visa card would be accepted.
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            it can also be brought to a bank that is visa supported and be cashed in. happy shopping!
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              USE this card immediately.  Use it at the grocery store, toward your bill, gas station... etc.  Call the # on back to confirm the amount.... before you get to the restaurant and find out there's no money!!!


              They (??who??) take $3.00 from your balance each month. 

              ??? Verizon says they have no control over this happening.  Finally got a "human".  When calling the # on the back of the card 1-877-899-8980 after you enter the rebate card #  and zip code.... start hitting "0" and you will be directed to a live person to talk to.  (They don't give you this option.....) but it works.

              This is SO WRONG!!!!!!!!  My friend is 80 years old and did not use the card immediately.  NOW it's worth only $14.00 because they charge you $3.00 each month. 


              SHAME ON VERIZON and SHAME on Citi Bank for doing this to their customers.

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                Oh no it is not easy to get money back off this rebate card!  I wanted money back not a debit card that I have to use for merchandise.  Although, when I bought my new phone,  two Verizon reps told me there would be no problem getting the cash from the card at my bank or at Amscot.  No way the banks  told me!   MidFlorida chooses not to deal with these cards and the same with Amscot.  It is a very deceiving trick Verizon is pulling.  I have been with Verizon since the 90's.  It is a new low for them.  People should not have to chase all over town to get the promised cash.  Makes me want to think about the next contract signing!

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                  Read my reply above.

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                    This is a THREE YEAR OLD post!

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                      Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                      Hi ezmiles. I promise we're not magicians and not trying to deceive anyone with the rebate cards, and we definitely don't want to lose you as a customer.  The Verizon Wireless Rebate Cards are customized with Verizon Wireless branding and offered by Visa through Citibank. They can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted and can be used to get cash  from a bank teller at any Visa member bank. If you'd prefer, you can request the full card balance to be transferred to your bank account by following these steps:

                      1 Go to www.verizonwireless.com/rebates.
                      2 Select Rebate Card Account.
                      3 Select Register Your Card.
                      4 Choose Access $ tab, then Transfer funds from your card to your bank account. 
                      5 Review and accept terms, then enter bank information and select One Time Withdrawal tab.
                      6 Confirm amount on Withdrawal Details screen, then select Continue.

                      Transfer should occur within 2-3 business days. You may check the balance through that same site or by calling 1-877-899-8980 to verify transfer was successful.

                      I hope this helps clear up the gift card information for you.


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                        I was trying to redeem my rebate card off of this website and it wouldn't take the card info.  When I called the citi CS line they told me it was down indefinitely!!  Why don't you just offer check that we can cash in?  They seem so much easier than having to deal with a third party.

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                          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                          Hello tslade! I'm sorry for the inconvenience with the gift card. Were you able to resolve the issue with Citi bank? You can reach their rebate services at 877-899-8980 for any additional info. Keep me posted!

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