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    Activate Alltel phone on Verizon plan?


      Hello all,

      I've got a small problem on my hands...

      Around the end of the year last year (end of '09) my family went to the verizon store because my mother needed to get a new WinMO phone for her job, Alltel didn't carry the TouchPro 2, and said that in order for us to get the TouchPro2 for her, we'd have to switch to Verizon...

      Well... I've got a Motorola Rival right now, and I honestly don't like it. I also have a Motorola Q 9c that's Alltel branded that I want to switch to (And add the data plan for)

      Before I waste my time trying to get this set up, is it even possible? (Can I rub off the alltel branding so that they'll try making it work instead of just rejecting it?)

      Or am I lost? (Or can I re-flash my Alltel one to a verizon one using a verizon rom instead of the Alltel one?)

      Thanks for your help,


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          You can rub all ya want, if you have a Verizon plan, your Alltel phone can not be on it.

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            So i'm stuck with a nice alltel brick? great...

            Is there any way I can get it activated? Calling customer support and sweet-talking?

            Verizon sold the same phone so I would assume that compatibility isn't a problem...

            I know someone else who has it too, he's got a verizon account, and he's got Alltel phones still, I"ll ask him about it I guess..

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              I think I've found a solution:

              Apparantly stores won't activate unless it's got a Verizon logo, but I could try online or over the phone first... then rubbing off the Alltel logos if nothing else works...

              If all of that fails, I can flash it with a Verizon Rom and then try again, shouldn't be too hard I hope... I've seen success reports..

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                The issue is the ESN. It will not be in the Verizon system, so it will not be allowed on their system.


                I have a Verizon account and HAD an Alltel phone on the account. But it was NOT on THEIR system.


                If you have a Verizon PLAN (and a new activation will be on a Verizon plan,) an Alltel phone will not be allowed to be used.

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                  Budone is correct about the ESN.  I'll give an example.  I was an Alltel customer for a few years before my area being integrated into the Verizon Network.  I used a Blackberry Pearl 8130 on an Alltel plan.  I soon afterwards moved to a Verizon plan with a Blackberry Tour.  After several months, I had a problem with my Tour and tried to reactivate the Pearl on my Verizon plan and the system rejected the Pearl's ESN.  I even called customer service and it still would not allow the Pearl on the VZ Network.  It is not that the Pearl would not work, but rather the ESN was not allowed by the networks software.  So, you can see the ESN is the key.  The Verizon network will only allow Verizon phones.  I probably can get an unlock key but I did not want to hassle with all that.  Changing the logo on the front of the phone does not have anything to do with whether or not a phone will work on the VZ Network.  I hope this helps.