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    how to get back verison one year plan security deposit


      Hi all,

      We have a big problem getting back one year verizon family plan security deposit ($400 for each member). We were told that we can only apply to get the deposit back after the plan is over. Then it may take 4-6 weeks before we get the check. Our problem is that by that time we will have left America AND cancelled our bank account here.  So how can we get the deposit back before we leave America? Can we get it one month before the end of the plan? Or can we transfer our plan to our friends before the end of the plan?  If we can transfer the plan to other people, does it mean that the security deposit will be given to them so that they can cash the cheque when we are gone? We'd appreciate it very much if you can give us some advice. Thank you!

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          Our system will review account on day 350 for release criteria. The deposit will be automatically be released if the following criteria is met:

          • Wireless number is active
          • Deposit has been on the account for 350 days
          • No suspends due to Fraud or non payment
          • No payment reversals (credit card, ACH, or paper check)
          • Account is not a Government or National Account


          If met, the system releases deposit, plus any interest accrued, to the account. If there is no balance owed, the system refunds the entire deposit amount, plus interest, via check to the customer. Unfortunately, the deposit has to be on the account for 350 days in order for the account to be reviewed.