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        I can barely hear the Droid X ring when a call comes in or the alert if a text or email is received.  I have to check my phone regularly to see if I missed a call/text/email.  PLEASE CONTACT VERIZON, from a phone other than the Droid X, AND LET THEM KNOW OF YOUR EXPERIENCES IF YOU TOO ARE HAVING THESE CONCERNS. 


        I worked with Verizon and Motorola and after verifying the phone was set correctly I convinced the Motorola representative to put a Motorola Droid, with the slide out Keyboard, next to a Droid X and compare the difference in volume for the incoming calls and alerts.  They agreed there is a difference. 


        Please communicate your concern at Motorola.com also.  Do not leave the phone face up as you will barely hear anything…I sometimes do not hear the phone when it’s quiet while I am sleeping.

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          I totally agree with MRHH56. What he/she typed is so true. (Just read my recent posts on the matter to see how strongly I agree with MRHH56 and how true MRHH56's posts really seem to be.)


          So please follow his/her lead/instructions! If you want a bit more detail on how to do so, please read the post of mine at the link below, follow the simple instructions described in that post, and add a reply to that post describing your volume/speaker problem. Posting messages on this forum is not going to get Verizon to do anything. Their first line tech support people need to receive calls documenting the problem. The more calls and documented problems, the more seriously and quickly more upper level tech support people will look into the matter and work on a solution.


          Here is that post of mine. Please consider following the simple instructions, and also adding a reply to the post describing your experience of the problem, and even better, your experience with calling in the problem to Verizon (and perhaps also to Motorola as MRHH56 wisely suggests.


          Special Post on How to Make Progress with the Alleged Low Volume Speaker Problem


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            I swapped out my 1st droid x for another reason.. The volume was way louder on the 1 I brought back so I don't think this is across the board.

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              It's not that you don't hear the text alert. You may not be getting it.

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                For those of you with volume issues, can anyone compare the volume level of your droid x vs. iphone 3gs or iphone 4? I ask this because I don't know anyone with another droid x that i can compare my volume to. My droid x seems louder than my iphone 3gs and 4 that i had so I am happy abuot that. Let me know thanks

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                  hmm who u be talking to sir?

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                    magicswebpage wrote:

                    hmm how u be talking to sir?

                    I'm not sure that I understand your post.....

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                      Just talked to tech support about this issue and I was told several times that this was the first they have heard of this issue so I directed them to all the post on this subject and they reported that there wasnt any information on a fix at this time, they wanted to replace the device because they say they think it is a device issue and I informed it they could possible have tech support look into this problem because I did not believe that the new device will resolve this issue and they stated they will report this issue for a followup..... We shell see.

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                        This is definitely a unit by unit, or a batch by batch, issue. Some have it, and some do not. However, this does not mean that there cannot be a system/firmware update fix for it. If enough people call in, report the problem, and try to get higher level tech support looking into the problem, then if a firmware fix is possible, they would include it in the next update - even if it only applies to certain Droid X units.


                        One thing I was wrong about in my separate special post is that people should be calling Motorola as well as Verizon, and maybe even just Motorola. Apparently, Verizon does nothing about fixes or updates. Motorola does it all for them. (Of course, Verizon gives them info about their network and what constraints they want with/on their network and all. However, apart from that, Motorala writes all the code for updates - at least that is what I am told).


                        At some point I'll find the best number and procedure for reporting this problem with Motorola. In the meantime, anyone with a speaker volume problem should contact Verizon SECOND LEVEL TECH SUPPORT and get the problem documented as described in my separate and special post on how to do so; I did not realize before how easy it was to get them (second level tech support) on the phone. Do this and follow the instructions in my special post, for all of our sakes (who are in this volume problem boat).

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                          Yes, the volume is very low at the max setting.