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    Text address different than cell number?


      I'm trying to set up alerts from my bank to text me.  Here's the info they give under FAQ. Is there such a thing as a different address than my cell for receiving text messages? The only blanks they provide are for a phone number, not an email ...


      Q.   How do I find out my wireless (text message) address? A.  

      Call your service provider to get your wireless address.

            https://www4.usbank.com/internetBanking/en_us/accountAlerts/AccountAlertsFAQ.jsp#top    Q.   Can I get Account Alerts on my cell phone? A.  

      Yes. You can receive Account Alerts on any wireless device, including cell phones. Make sure you provide us with the correct wireless (text message) address associated with your wireless device when setting up your alerts. (Your cell phone or other wireless number won't work).