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    Block restricted numbers


      Is there a way you can block ALL restricted numbers? Today I've gotten two calls from a restricted number and it just seems to be someone either having fun or some kind of spammer phone?.



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          From what I know, you have to have the actual phone number to block it. So, no. But you do have the option of limiting your calls to only the numbers in your contacts. It's a setting on the phone, I'm not exactly sure how to turn it on, but I'm sure someone else will post with detailed instructions.

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            Although not a block, there is a voicemail service that will deal with restricted or blocked calls so you  don't have to.  It's called YouMail, and you can google for it.  One of it's features is called Ditchmail, which plays a recorded message (yours, or the canned one) asking the caller to unblock the number and try again, and then hangs up without giving them a chance to leave a message.


            YouMail will give you the caller ID for any number that leaves a voicemail, whether they are in your address book or not.  You can have the voicemails emailed to your computer where you can save them, listen to them (saving a call to your voicemail).  You can have personalized messages for each of your contacts, or not, as you choose. No canned Verizon message about  leaving a callback number or pressing one for more options.... and many other features I've just begun to explore.


            The best part?  It's free!  One drawback is that you don't get the voicemail notification on your phone (it bypasses Verizon's voicemail system), but I have it set up to send me a text message each time I get a voicemail, and the text will tell me who called.


            So, in addition to dealing with your blocked calls, it does a whole lot more.  Check it out!

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              Vereyezuhn is indeed correct.


              You can sign up for Kall8 or TrapCall. Either of those services provide you with unmasking. Which will reveal the number even if it is blocked. You'll see it. TrapCall offers a free trial so test it out. See if you can capture the number. Both services do require you to pay though. Worth it if you ask me.


              Otherwise you may want to possibly consider changing your number. Have you tried to pick up the phone at least?

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                You should not have to go through a major hassel like changing your number to stop being harrased be anyone. I've had the same number for about 10 years and I would hate to have to change it for someone else to stop harrasing me. It would create a problem with all of the contacts that I've made having the correct contact info. especially the ones that are important but for one reason or another just cannot contact at the drop of a hat. Some people basically get uplugged and getting ahold of them is impossible. That is beside the point however,  you should not have to change your number. Paying for a service to do this is like paying for caller ID a decade ago. Way to be regressive verizon! Now I have the same option due to my psycho and immature ex.

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                  VZW's does have a $4.99/month option where you can block an unlimited amount of numbers indefinitely AND it has the option to block all restricted and unknown numbers

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                    ProStudent wrote:

                    Paying for a service to do this is like paying for caller ID a decade ago. Way to be regressive verizon! Now I have the same option due to my psycho and immature ex.

                    Most networks can't even do it.. the 4.99 option seems reasonable

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                      No actually blocking restricted calls should be free and just a matter of doing it on your phone. Far too many people are getting used to paying for parts of services that should be free. I am not one of them.