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    Incoming international calls


      I'm not sure if anyone can help me with this question, but I have a friend going to Egypt with the military and he has another service provider but was wondering how incoming calls from his cell phone would be charged to me? Do the minutes just come off my 700 minutes I have in my plan or is it charged differently? Or is there something else I should do that would be better as far as receiving calls?

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          If your friend calls you while he is in Egypt, you will not be charged anything extra, the call will go against your airtime minutes.  You will be charged if you place a call to Egypt.  Click here for the rates http://b2b.vzw.com/international/Long_Distance/Africa/Egypt.html.l. You will need to add the international feature for free in this case and dial *228 send and option 1 to activate the feature properly.  Hope this helps!

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            Thank you very much for your help, and wanted to ask one more thing if you don't mind I would appreciate the help. What about text messaging...is there an additional charge for me to send text messages to him while he is stationed there or is that included in my unlimited texting? Also, wanted to make sure I completely understood your reply...so if I called his cell while he is over there I will need to use the link you provided... but I will only be charged regular airtime if he calls mye from there correct?

            Thank you for your help it is greatly appreciated.


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              You're welcome!  If he has a US number you will not be charged extra for texting him. It will go against  your allowed messages. If he has a international number, you will be billed .25 to send a message and .20 to receive a text.    If you call him, you will need to add the international feature(free) and look at the rate per min. for Egypt.  You will not be charged if he calls you.  HTH!