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    List of phones that do not require a Data Plan?


      I do not personally need a data plan since all I use with my phone is making calls and texting. I have been using the same phone for almost 4 years now but its all beat up and the battery life is going down and randomly dies down regardless if I do a full charge.


      Is there a list of current verizon phones that do not require a data plan? I know almost all phones require a data plan but there are a few that don't. Looking for the "requires minimum data plan $9.99/$29.99 per month" under phone description is a bit time consuming plus I do not think Verizon lists on their website every phone that is available.


      I perosnally would not mind the Alias 2 (a current phone that looks like it can pass without the data plan) but it looks like even that phone requires a data plan.


      I can go on and on about how phone companies are having these charges to users but I guess we have no choice.. I feel bad for the older loyal customers who need to upgrade their cell phones and plans but have no use for data plans (due to generation differences, no offense but they would least likely need to check email, use the internet, etc.)