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    Manage my Ringback tones.


      Less of a question than a complaint (not that a mod will read this), but I find it extremely annoying that in order to apply a ringback tone to a caller, I have to enter each and every contact and each and every phone number manually. That's all.

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          If you want the same ringtone for all contacts, set it as the "default ringtone".  (Menu>>Settings and Tools>>Sounds Settings>>Call Settings>>Call Ringtone - choose the one you want.


          Any contact that you have specifically set a different ringotne for will use the one you set for them - all others in your address book or other wise, will use the "default".


          Or am I misunderstanding what you want to do??


          ***Just re-read the question - but the same would apply for a ringback tone - you need to do it through your MyVerizon account though.  Unless Ringback's work differently - I've never used them.  My son had one though - and he set it up and it was the one everyone that called him heard - he didn't have to set up individual calls with the default tone.  You only need to specify if you want something OTHER than the default for someone.