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    Droid Texts Go To The Wrong Person


      I have a Motorola Droid & I am experiencing an issue where when I send a text message it goes to the wrong person. For example, I text message "Person A" & it shows up in my text message history as being sent to "Person A" but then all of a sudden "Person B" responds & says "what are you talking about?". It use to happen once and awhile, now it happens at least once a day.


      So basically I have no idea who I am texting when I hit send. It's a serious privacy issue & making this phone unusable. It always goes to someone who I text often, never just a random person in my contacts who I don't text.


      Verizon says they have never heard of this problem even though a google search turns up thousands of message boards where people are having this issue.


      Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

      I have tried to do a factory reset multiple times & Verizon even sent me a new phone with no luck in fixing the problem.

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          So I've had my replacement 'certified like new' phone for a few days now. It's still text messaging inappropriately & now when I make a call it's calling my voicemail, going on speaker phone, dialing numbers, & muting the call without me doing anything. My old phone did not have this problem & I use my phone no differently.


          How unsuable this phone is is so frustrating.

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            I am having the same problem... It just started doin it one day and its doesnt do it all the time but it does it enough that i get scared its texting the wrong ppl... it is a real problem!

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              I've had this happen a few times as well - needs to be fixed.  I can imagine the circumstances that could arise hehe


              One thing I noticed - I use SMS alert which pops up when someone posts.  I hit the "REPLY" button on the popup and start to compose.


              LIttle do I know it's composing NOT to the party who just texted me but to the person in the first row on the underlying "Messages" screen.


              When I do a "SEND" I get a reply like... ."WHAT??????" from the top contact in the underlying screen and I know it's happened again.  It could be that the problem is in the SMS alert screen's "REPLY" function not being able to take control of the messaging app.


              If you always close the SMS alert, choose the contact explicitly, and compose it won't happen or at least it hasn't happened to me.  Thats a ****** work-around and they need to fix this glitch.

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                You should all fill out a report to the FCC about it. I've been to three Verizon stores & they will not admit that it's a problem. I filled out a complaint with the FCC & now I've been contacted by someone from Verizon Headquarters directly.. However, she did happen to go on vacation hours after contacting me so I will not be able to discuss this issue with her until Monday when she returns to the office. I'll keep you posted.

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                  Any word on this?  I was about to post something but read this.  I sent a very embarrassing text message to my MOM that was picking on one of my friends (a girl) about penis size.  Yeah...  yeah.  I want to drive my car into a Verizon store!  HAHA  Thank god she also has a sense of humor.

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                    I think I figured out what happens, but no solution for it. Confirm on your phones if this is what happens...

                    When you pull up the wrong message, look and see who it is. Click the back button and go to the main messaging window. Regardless of which way your phone is turned, scroll the screen UP to the text that is just off the bottom of the screen. This is the person you almost texted. Am I right?

                    I'm going to Verizon now. We'll see what happens... will keep you posted. Mac
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                      This isn't a Verizon or phone specific problem. It is a bug within the Android operating system that Google has failed to fix. Here's an article:




                      I am seriously considering dropping this operating system. 

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                        I'm just now reading this, but yes, I've (and still do) experienced this very same problem/issue. Very embarrassing a time or two, too!!

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                          I have also had the same problems...my phone will also delete all of my messages, even the ones that I lock. I brought it up to the verizon ppl and they say they never heard of anyone having that problem; its happened 3x ugh. When they replaced my droid for a "new" one the camera kept turning on, and it wouldn't stop.
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